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1 Night Self Care In Sobriety With Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace

Janey Lee Grace is a presenter and author of several books on holistic living. She ditched the booze after doing Dry Jan 2018 and has since found the unexpected joy of sobriety!
Are you sober curious?  Maybe you ditched the drink a while ago and now want to create the life you love without the booze.  This break focuses on the positive benefits of cutting down or quitting the booze, it’s all without judgement or blame. Without doubt there’s a trend happening right now for mindful drinking and a large percentage of millennials are choosing not to drink at all.   How would it be to choose not to drink in our alcohol fuelled society?  We may feel it relaxes us, gives us confidence or makes us feel sassy but actually it’s our mind playing tricks on us.  We look at shifting the mindset around addiction.
  • We will look at the common patterns / habits around alcohol in our culture.
  • Our attitudes to it and personality types.  Why do we drink?  Mindset unwrapped.
  • We can look at how to create the life we love without alcohol and intention setting.
  • We can explain and use some basic EFT emotional freedom techniques to start to work on the subconscious mind and offer a guided meditation session.
  • ‘Sober inspiration’ how amazing life can be without the drink.  How to stop (or cut down) and get sober momentum.   Facing the triggers, how to deal with social situations and relationships.
  • Put back the good stuff – a session on nutrition, the best foods and supplements to encourage quick recovery. The best alcohol-free drinks to try.


The ‘take-homes’ from this retreat will be that the individual knows the truth about alcohol, and sees perhaps for the first time that there is absolute joy in being sober!, They know how to cut down or quit and how to find support and tools they need to stay on the path.  They learn mindfulness and mindset techniques that can help them with relaxation and stress reduction and the best juicing recipes, nutrient dense food and supplements needed to support recovery.  They can take away simple EFT routines to tap on themselves when triggers arise.   We can provide worksheets of exercises, resources to find support and a comprehensive list of ‘Quit lit’ (memoirs and books on sober living) MP3 downloads of guided meditation.

What's Included

​​​​​​Saturday Day One - Arrival 2pm

  • 4pm to 6pm - Meet with Janey Lee Grace 
  • Dinner 7:30pm as a Group
  • 9.00pm - 10pm Yoga Nidre Session in the Mind Body Studio 
Sunday Day Two
  • Training Session 10:30am - 12:30pm
  • Buffet Lunch
  • 2pm - 3.45pm Final Session
  • Setting your intentions - choosing to create the life you love  (minus the booze) 
  • Depart Time 4pm


From £299
  • 16th January - Cancelled
  • 20th March - Cancelled
  • 22nd May
  • 26th June
  • 3rd July
  • 11th September


"This retreat was exactly what I needed, to reconnect to my goals and my commitment to selfcare and sobriety, I learnt a huge amount and connected with likeminded people. I now feel so much more highly optimistic, thank you Janey!"    LC. London

"For anyone questioning whether to book onto Janey Lee Grace’s Selfcare in Sobriety break don’t hesitate. This was the most transformational weekend for us all and Janey is the most wonderful facilitator. It was such a safe space; we made amazing connections with each other. I can honestly say that something really shifted for me this weekend. What a gift, I could not feel more ‘full up’ with gratitude right now"   S. London

"I wanted to reinforce and re-energise my commitment, this retreat exceed all expectations. I love Janey’s passion and energy and this group!"    T.H Herts

"I am leaving this retreat feeling empowered, inspired and confident that I can ‘be the change’  This retreat is a true act of self-care and a brilliant way to connect with others"    AS Hampshire

"I wanted to learn more ‘sober tools ‘. it was an amazing weekend with a great group.  Janey gave us fantastic tools to help keep us on the sober path and learn to love ourselves."  M Berkshire.

"Sober, I may be and with over four years under my belt to boot, then why not take on a little extra care, guidance and support I thought? With that in mind I took myself off to Champneys in Tring to attend a sobriety weekend held by Janey Lee Grace under the umbrella of her foundation; The Sober Club. Just two days of down to earth but knowledgeable advice accompanied by a tremendous bunch of people, fantastic food and a tranquil location was one of the most memorable events I’ve been to. We were all at various stages of sobriety yet the support and understanding given to each of us was invaluable. From nutrition to de-stressing techniques and learning of how to re-connect with the ‘self’ took me on a fulfilling and satisfying journey to complement my sober journey. I’ve had many sessions of therapy but felt I achieved more in this course compared to the hours of weekly therapy. Recommended for anyone who needs a hands on hug whether sober, or still in doubt about their addiction."   SN London

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