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Best couple retreats and activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you may want to take your significant other on a day or weekend away to show your love for them.
Here at Champneys HQ we know that each couple are unique; from the active duo to the foodie twosome. This is why we’ve recommended a number of Valentine’s Day ideas and explained why celebrating Valentine’s Day is important.
Why is Valentine’s Day important?

Miles Pulver, a professional psychoanalytic couple’s psychotherapist and psychodynamic marital & couples therapist, explains it’s important to spend time with the person you love.

He says, “Apart from the fact that it can be fun; and romantic; and you get to spend time with the person you love, away from the intrusive pressures of day-to-day stress? Because ... it’s like an "exercise" ritual for our heart.

“You take your prefrontal cortex - that bit of our brain with our attention centres - and you focus it on the experience of bonding. And that reinforces the neurology of closeness. It literally deepens the connections in our own brain with our partner - and that fires their mirror neurones too. So you change their brain as well. You generate a virtuous cycle of bonding.”

Juliette, who runs the travel blog Snorkels to Snow with her partner John, agrees that Valentine’s Day allows couples to disconnect from the outside world.

She says, “Couples need to connect with one another. But the reality is, life is busy. Work, mortgages, health, families and other commitments can all get in the way of that connection. And we all have different ways of showing love in our day-to-day lives, which can go unnoticed if there’s stress at home.

“Valentine’s Day is an important celebration to focus on that connection and have some time where the relationships are the priority. It’s not too often when you can step away from work or family commitments just to focus purely on your relationship - kids always need to be fed, bills need to be paid, people need to turn up to work - so it’s really special to have a day where we are all given permission to take a step back from everything else and simply focus on the one you love.”

For the chilled couple

Spa weekend

Couples that love to relax during their time off should consider a weekend away in spa hotels like Eastwell Manor.

You can not only both enjoy a collection of pampering treats such as massages and facials, but you can also enjoy beautiful landscaped gardens and parkland for walks, a 20-metre heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi steam room, sauna and stunning bedrooms and suites.

Laura, who travels the world with her fiancé Tanbay and runs the Travelling Weasels blog, recommends classic spa retreats.

She adds, “We think it's always important to try new types of retreats around Valentine’s Day to keep things interesting and challenge yourselves. But we also love the old classics - spa retreats being at the top of the list.”

For the active/adventurous couple

Lovers Leap Tandem Bungee Jump

If you’re an active couple that loves the great outdoors or an adventure and want something a bit more exciting than dinner and a movie then why not try the Lovers Leap Tandem Bungee Jump from Virgin Experience Days?

Just wrap your arms around your partner and jump off the 160ft high platform to enjoy one of the biggest thrills you can experience.

This isn’t just any bungee jump as you can celebrate your braveness with a bottle of bubbly afterwards.

Hot Air Balloon Flight

The Hot Air Balloon Flight from Virgin Experience Days is available at over 100 locations across the UK and aboard the iconic red balloons you can see the country from a new perspective.

The 60 minute adventure will give you and your other half spectacular 360 degree panoramas and uninhibited views for miles.

After you’ve touched down you’ll both be able to toast your landing in style with a glass of Champagne and will get a gift hamper full of wine and chocolates.

Thames Rockets Speed Boat

If you live in the city or are going there for a weekend away, the Thames Rockets Speed Boat Voyage from Virgin Experience Days is a great way to experience the Thames in a unique way.

You’ll skim across the waterway and will be able to take in the stunning sights like the Tower Bridge and the London Eye. It really is an adrenaline-packed sightseeing tour for you both to enjoy!

For the foodie couple

Chocolate Making experience with bubbly

Foodie couples should look no further than going on a chocolate making workshop as you’ll each create your own tasty chocolate martini cocktail.

During the workshop you’ll create a giant chocolate button, decorate delicious fresh cream truffles and shape and decorate some home-made fudge.

After enjoying your Prosecco you can take the treats you’ve helped make home and impress your friends with your new skills.

Champagne Afternoon Tea at The Ritz

Enjoy a romantic treat at the famous Ritz in London where you’ll be welcomed into the five-star hotel for the ultimate afternoon dining experience.

The Champagne Afternoon Tea at The Ritz will let you and your partner sip on a glass of chilled Champagne and enjoy a selection of finger sandwiches, freshly baked scones with preserves and clotted creams and scrumptious pastries and cakes.

You can then enjoy some award-winning tea to round-off an experience you’ll never forget.

For the Globe Trotting couple

A safari in Africa

Couples that love travelling together could consider combining Valentine’s Day with a big holiday abroad.

Nick and Dariece are the couple behind Goats On The Road, a travel website designed to help people start a travel blog.

They say, “I would recommend a retreat for adventurous couples on safari in Africa! There are plenty of glamping, camping and lodging accommodations right inside of national parks in Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa (as well as many other African countries). We were blown away by the Masai Mara in Kenya and would recommend it to any couples looking to experience wildlife, natural beauty and raw wilderness.

“No matter what your budget is, a safari in Africa is a great choice for a romantic couple’s getaway. You can go with more budget companies where you sleep in tents just outside of the parks, or opt for a more luxurious glamping experience. You can have it all in and around most of Southern Africa’s parks.”

A city trip

If you love to see new places, but don’t want to travel too far you could enjoy a city break with your partner.

At Champneys we have lots of city spas you can enjoy a relaxing spa at during your weekend away.

Travel bloggers, Two Scots Abroad recommend going on a city break for Valentine’s Day, “A city trip, touring a few highlights then a sundown cocktail at dusk.”

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