Yoga has long been renowned for its health benefits, and the many distinct kinds we offer on our selection of yoga breaks can either de-stress or invigorate you. Yoga helps reduce stress, improves sleep, strengthens your body, and improves your energy. It can even improve your happiness.

Our yoga breaks are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike, so there is no need to worry if you’ve only been practicing yoga for a short time. Our accessible yoga retreats will teach you how to relax, and give you a deeper awareness of your body, mind, and spirit. 

With courses in hot vinyasa, kundalini, and ashtanga to name but a few, our yoga classes are all taught by experts, and will stretch your mind as well as your body. Some of our yoga breaks offer ways to release your creativity and increase your productivity, so you will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, as well as feeling relaxed and refreshed.

We experience a high demand for our luxury yoga breaks and Pilates retreats and would recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

2021 retreats

2 Night hatha flow & ashtanga yoga with Brigitte Riley

from £440pp
With over 15 years yoga teaching experience, Brigitte Riley's two night yoga retreat focuses on hatha flow and ashtanga yoga, aligning heart, mind and body.

2 Night vinyasa flow yoga with Annie Hayes

from £440pp
Specialising in vinyasa flow, Annie Hayes will lovingly lead you through stretching, strengthening and toning your body, giving gentle adjustments to allow you to deepen your practice.

2 Night creative vinyasa yoga with Liz Lark

from £440pp
This two night yoga retreat lead by Liz Lark adapts yoga postures for each individual in order to ‘chisel' into the form and sculpt and free each unique body.

2 Night chillout at Champneys yoga retreat

from £529pp
Champneys have teamed up with Chillout retreats to offer you the opportunity to relax, revive and restore yourself in the stunning and luxurious Forest Mere.

1 Night Yoga Retreat with Amanda Corsi

from £295pp
Founder of Docklands Yoga and retreats, Amanda Corsi shares her 18 years of yoga teaching experience during this one night retreat.

Spa day yoga retreat with Daljit Kaur

from £95pp
A day of yoga, spa and nurturing at Champneys Springs. From relaxing yoga classes surrounded by beautiful countryside grounds, to an afternoon relaxing in the spa or walking in nature around the beautiful grounds. You will return home feeling relaxed, nurtured and energized.

2 night Yoga and Mindfulness with Kathy Taylor & Debbie Cooper

from £410pp
Kathy and Debbie will plan and deliver sessions which combine both yoga and mindfulness. This will be an energizing weekend with plenty of opportunities to improve your physical and mental flexibility.

2 night Yoga and Pilates Retreat with Suzette Tagg

from £484.50pp
This Yoga and Pilates Retreat delivers a holistic programme of movement and exercise, combined with relaxation, meditation and group wellness workshops designed to invigorate and inspire positive physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

2 night Astanga-inspired Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga with Sasha Norton

from £390pp
Sasha conveys yoga techniques in a fun, enjoyable, accessible way that inspires commitment and helps uncover inner strength on a previously unimagined level.

2 night Hatha Yoga with Patricia Haygarth

from £390pp
Patricia has been involved in yoga since the '60s and teaching since the '90s. Her style has evolved into a gentle, hands on approach, helping each student to reach their own potential at their own comfortable pace.

2 Night Gentle Healing Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra with Roanna Harstad

from £410pp
Gentle Healing Yoga includes a traditional style of teaching. It is an old system that includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), and mediation, which help bring peace to the mind and body.

2 night Hatha Flow and Astanga Yoga with Janaki & Davy

from £410pp
The programme of Hatha Flow, Astanga, Yin and Partner Yoga will stretch both your mind and your body. These will highlight the benefits of yoga, challenging your assumptions about your own capabilities and learning how to practice it safely for the rest of your life.

2 night Yoga Retreat with Liz Brown

from £489pp
The retreat is particularly helpful for those wishing to manage back pain, work with health issues and learn how to deeply relax. Exploring all aspects of yoga; instead of just ‘performing poses’, we seek to make the yoga useful to our individual needs.

2 night Hatha Yoga with Janet Southworth

from £410pp
Janet has a unique and creative style of yoga, interweaving Taoist and Tibetan influences among others with traditional Hatha style. Yoga sessions usually include postures and flowing sequence as well as deeper aspects of pranayama, meditation, creative visualizations, mantra and yoga nidra relaxation.

Relax, Renew and Detox Yoga Retreat with Karen Nally

from £440pp
Karen will be focusing on yoga to energise and restore followed by mindfulness meditation to relax. During the retreat you’ll explore three different styles of yoga. You will improve strength, tone and stamina in the Vinyasa classes, increase flexibility while relaxing body and mind in the Hatha and Yin classes, and feel the whole body renewed within the mindful meditation sessions.

2 night Yoga and Well-being Retreat with Carla Williams and Vicky Manning

from £510pp
Yoga Retreats with Carla and Vicky are a wonderful way to come together and connect with other likeminded people. Ultimately, they provide you with the perfect environment to relax and unwind and feel rejuvenated as you reconnect back to yourself through a beautiful Yoga and well-being retreat.

4 night Hatha yoga with Tina Abbey

from £820pp
Tina's classes take a slow but dynamic pace, coming from the Sivananda tradition, giving the student the time to explore, feel, and to grow. She is totally committed to passing her knowledge of ancient teachings on, in a very practical and down to earth way.

2 night Power Yoga with Caroline Wickham

from £410pp
Caroline’s style of teaching welcomes all levels from experienced teachers to complete beginners - all will be nurtured and at the same time challenged! That is the true essence of Yoga. "Breathe deep, take the challenge and transform your life!"

4 Night creative vinyasa yoga with Liz Lark

from £820pp
This four night yoga retreat lead by Liz Lark adapts yoga postures for each individual in order to ‘chisel' into the form and sculpt and free each unique body.

4 night Hatha & Vinyasa Flow Yoga with Bella Somerville

from £820pp
Bella teaches hatha and vinyasa flow, as well as more meditative yin and restorative practices. Her classes are creative and playful with an emphasis on strengthening the body, calming the mind and staying centred because as she says: “nothing is more precious than being in this present moment, fully alive, fully aware”.

1 night Pilates and Yoga with Claire Baker

from £309pp
Claire Baker, of YBFIT Training and Linda Salt-Berrymen bring you this weekend retreat with a perfect balance of activities and relaxation! Offering a mixture of Pilates, Yoga, Belly dancing and QiGong and Walking, there’s no doubt you will leave feeling relaxed and also rejuvenated.

2 night Flowing Vinyasa Yoga with Shamita Ray

from £410pp
Shamita creates imaginative sequences which move seamlessly from one posture to the next, in a dance-like flow of breath and movement. Practitioners will be encouraged to challenge themselves to discover what their bodies are truly capable of, while maintaining a sense of humour and playfulness throughout.

2 Night Hatha Yoga & Meditation with Divya

from £410pp
Divya is a senior Hatha Yoga and Meditation teacher. Divya offers a mindful practice of Asana (the physical postures), accompanied by breathing techniques (Pranayama) and Mindfulness-meditation guidance.

2 Night Astanga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with Eve Niker

from £410pp
Eve Niker is an Astanga, Vinyasa and Yin yoga teacher. She loves to join all of these styles when she teaches her classes that are both dynamic and relaxing. Eve specialises in inversions and arm balances that will help her students achieve new poses with stability and confidence.

2 Night Yoga Retreat with Adrienne Riel

from £410pp
Adrienne has a gift for teaching with compassion and laughter, enabling those who doubt themselves to go beyond their own physical, emotional, and spiritual expectations - leaving them full of confidence and delight in their own achievements.

2 Night Hatha yoga with Beverley Hetherington

from £410pp
For Bev yoga offers the time to become aware of how the breath leads the body into movement whilst the mind observes, this gives us the opportunity to acknowledge and expand the space between our thoughts, inviting us to delve deeper into the moving meditation that is our yoga practice.

1 Day Yoga Retreat – “Breath, Flow, Relax”

from £69pp
Come and find the balance of rejuvenation, energization, and relaxation on our 1 day Yoga Retreat. Evelyn will teach you how to connect with your breath and use it as your “magic tool” in life. Energize, strengthen and detoxify your body during the Yoga flow, connecting mind and body to create wholeness.

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