Yoga has long been renowned for its health benefits, and the many distinct kinds we offer on our selection of yoga breaks can either de-stress or invigorate you. Yoga helps reduce stress, improves sleep, strengthens your body, and improves your energy. It can even improve your happiness.

Our yoga breaks are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike, so there is no need to worry if you’ve only been practicing yoga for a short time. Our accessible yoga retreats will teach you how to relax, and give you a deeper awareness of your body, mind, and spirit. 

With courses in hot vinyasa, kundalini, and ashtanga to name but a few, our yoga classes are all taught by experts, and will stretch your mind as well as your body. Some of our yoga breaks offer ways to release your creativity and increase your productivity, so you will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, as well as feeling relaxed and refreshed.

We experience a high demand for our luxury yoga breaks and Pilates retreats and would recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

September - November

Autumn 2021 retreats

Wellness Retreat

with Katie Rogers

Springs | 2 days from £242.50pp
On this retreat, we invite you to take some time for yourself to disconnect from the pressures of daily life. Katie will guide you through selection of grounding practices to allow you to revive your mind and body.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

with Annie Hayes

Henlow Grange | 2 nights from £440pp
Specialising in vinyasa flow, Annie Hayes will lovingly lead you through stretching, strengthening and toning your body, giving gentle adjustments to allow you to deepen your practice.

Creative Vinyasa Yoga

with Liz Lark

Forest Mere | 2 nights from £440pp
This two night yoga retreat lead by Liz Lark adapts yoga postures for each individual in order to ‘chisel' into the form and sculpt and free each unique body.

Chillout Yoga

with Chillout Retreats

Forest Mere | 2 nights from £529pp
Champneys have teamed up with Chillout retreats to offer you the opportunity to relax, revive and restore yourself in the stunning and luxurious Forest Mere.

Yoga Retreat

with Amanda Corsi

Forest Mere | 1 night from £295pp
Founder of Docklands Yoga and retreats, Amanda Corsi shares her 18 years of yoga teaching experience during this one night retreat.

Yoga and Pilates Retreat

with Suzette Tagg

Tring | 2 nights from £484.50pp
This Yoga and Pilates Retreat delivers a holistic programme of movement and exercise, combined with relaxation, meditation and group wellness workshops designed to invigorate and inspire positive physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Hatha Yoga

with Janet Southworth

Tring | 2 night from £410pp
Janet has a unique and creative style of yoga, interweaving Taoist and Tibetan influences among others with traditional Hatha style. Yoga sessions usually include postures and flowing sequence as well as deeper aspects of pranayama, meditation, creative visualizations, mantra and yoga nidra relaxation.

Yoga Retreat

with Adrienne Riel

Henlow Grange | 2 nights from £410pp
Adrienne has a gift for teaching with compassion and laughter, enabling those who doubt themselves to go beyond their own physical, emotional, and spiritual expectations - leaving them full of confidence and delight in their own achievements.

December - February

Winter 2021-22 retreats

Chillout Yoga

with Chillout Retreats

Forest Mere | 2 nights from £529pp
Champneys have teamed up with Chillout retreats to offer you the opportunity to relax, revive and restore yourself in the stunning and luxurious Forest Mere.

Happiness & Peace Retreat

with Daphne Bath & Dotty Maria

Forest Mere | 1 night from £145pp
Together Daphne and Dottie offer you a mind and body experience to teach you skills to live your best lives with energy, laughter and zest.

March - May

Spring 2022 retreats

Hatha Flow and Ashtanga Yoga

with Brigitte Riley

Forest Mere | 2 nights from £440pp
With over 15 years yoga teaching experience, Brigitte Riley's two night yoga retreat focuses on hatha flow and ashtanga yoga, aligning heart, mind and body.

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