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Yoga Retreats

Yoga has long been renowned for its health benefits, and the many different kinds we offer can either de-stress or invigorate you. Yoga helps reduce stress, improves sleep, strengthens your body and improves your energy and even your happiness.
Suitable for beginners and experienced yogis alike, our accessible yoga retreats will teach you how to relax, and give you a deeper awareness of your body, mind and spirit. 
With courses in hot vinyasa, kundalini and ashtanga to name but a few, our classes are all taught by experts, and will stretch your mind as well as your body. Some of our retreats offer ways to release your creativity and increase your productivity, so you’ll leave with a renewed sense of purpose, as well as feeling relaxed and refreshed.

If you find the retreat you were looking for is sold out, call us on 0843 3162222. We often have rooms reserved specifically reserved for retreats.