6 Nights | Tring | From £1,999pp

New Lief Kick Start to Weight Loss Programme

with Champneys

This 6-night retreat is ideal to kick-start your desire to change body shape and lose weight whilst learning about ways to work successfully towards longer term weight management. Enjoy each day combining relaxation, activity and Champneys spa treatments whilst embracing our ‘kick start to weight loss menu’ to nourish your mind and body and put yourself on a path towards optimising health and wellbeing.

To support you in achieving your ideal weight, we will put together a programme for you that optimally supports your body. This includes our New Lief Kick Start Weight Loss menu plan, sustainable nutritional advice and many other different types of therapy to promote your activity. The precise nature and number of therapies are defined by our doctor and are tailored to your personal needs. 

What's it all about?

Our New Lief Kick Start Weight Loss menu plan, named after Champneys founder - Stanley Lief, devotee of digestive health - has been devised with flexibility in mind.

Following principles of Lief’s legacy, the menu highlights an increased intake of plant-based meals but with the ability to enjoy animal products every so often. It is calorie controlled, without eliminated food groups and by eating more plant foods it will give your body and conscience a rest from elevated amounts of ultra-processed foods, inflammatory animal proteins and unhealthy fats, gluten, dairy, and stressful stimulants including processed sugar, red meat, alcohol, and caffeine that appear in our diets all too often.

Eating more plant-based foods and less meat it is not only beneficial for health, but it is also about eating sustainably to reduce global, environmental problems – and we like the sound of that!

Less reliance on animal foods, however, does not mean you need to be deprived of the excitement and satisfaction associated to mealtimes. With an energising breakfast, a daily 2 course lunch and 2 course evening meal, you’ll be delighted and determined to transfer these new eating habits to your real life, to continue and build on the benefits achieved whilst in resort. 


We also encourage mindful eating to help us appreciate what we have, to slow down, optimise digestion and to be more in the moment. Sharing meals with fellow guests without the distractions of technology and day to day life, will mean mealtimes are a chance to enjoy the simplicity of food and life.


For those guests who wish to maximise their results and wellbeing we offer accelerator packages to add on to your stay. And don’t forget this is time to unwind and enjoy our spa treatments to support your inch loss too! You’ll relax and reduce your stress levels with the use of an amazing wellness spa which has been designed to enhance results for wellbeing, weight loss and detoxification.


Champneys New Lief Kick Start Programme to Weight Loss - Designed for times in your life when you need to reset, rejuvenate, and turn over a new lief!


Please note this retreat is recommended for people with a BMI of 25+ (weight/height2). If you have any medical issues, please ensure that you have seen a doctor before arrival who has given you the all clear to attend. For any food intolerances we must be made of by email before arrival.


The New Lief Kick Start weight loss menu cannot be guaranteed as 100% free from gluten and dairy as standard but if you require this, please see the information regarding special dietary requirements and ensure you contact us to inform us of your dietary needs by email in good time ahead of your stay.

Retreat inclusions

How does it work?

Standard inclusions

Champneys Weight Loss Programme
Champneys foundations:
  • Arrival from 3pm
  • 6 nights’ accommodation
  • Unlimited use of facilities
  • Access to up to 20 different classes each day
  • A fluffy robe to wear during your visit, Champneys flip flops and tote to keep
  • Departure at 11am

Retreat inclusions

From £1,999pp | The final price is based on your individual therapy plan
Standard inclusions, plus:
  • Pre-arrival call
  • New Lief Nutrition & Health consultation (50 mins)
  • Kick Start to Weight Loss Menu – nutritionally dense meals
  • 1 x Detox spa treatment - choose from Hydrotherapy Bath (20 mins), Steam Pod (20 mins), or Marine scrub (20 mins)
  • 3 x Cryotherapy sessions to help boost metabolism (15 mins)
  • Wellness discussions
  • A take home guide offering support and advice on how to approach your diet returning home
  • Our Sunday night dinner menu will be the lighter choices from our standard menu. Then from breakfast on Monday morning, your choice from The Lief Retreat menu begins

Individually tailored to you

Tailored Treatments

From these therapies, the doctor chooses the nature and number of treatments which are necessary for you. Your personal therapy plan is therefore individually tailored to your needs.

  • GP Consultation - A comprehensive wellness consultation to review medical and wellbeing history, discuss any health concerns and wellness goals you wish to achieve. For more information please visit: Champneys Tring Fitness Services 
  • Acupuncture - this pain-relieving remedy has been used in China ever since 100 BCE to cure a myriad of ailments
  • Colon Hydrotherapy - Shown to be effective for IBS symptoms, constipation and sluggish digestion
  • Massages are an important pillar at Champneys. They help with detoxification, and address specific physical and emotional blockages
  • Additional wellbeing services


Accelerator packages

For those guests who wish to maximise their results and wellbeing we offer the below accelerator packages to add on to your stay.
And don’t forget this is time to unwind and enjoy our spa treatments to support your inch loss too! You’ll relax and reduce your stress levels with the use of an amazing wellness spa which has been designed to enhance results for wellbeing, weight loss and detoxification.

Optimal weight loss

Was £190 now £150 (saving £40)
To accelerate your weight loss why not book a nutrition consultation to help you explore your relationship with food, offer advice to encourage the necessary lifestyle changes, and help you solve any diet dilemmas such as food cravings. Our Fitness Team can also devise a workout plan especially for you, combining different types of activity ideal for achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.
  • 2 x Personal training sessions (60 mins)
  • 1 x Nutrition consultation (55 mins)

Optimal fitness

Was £419 now from £350 (saving £69)
The Optimal fitness programme includes appropriate and reliable tests which can give an insight into how your body is genetically pre disposed to certain exercise regimes. It highlights any nutritional or functional deficiencies so that you can address them, fuel your body appropriately and get the most out of your training. It is also possible from the tests to discover how the body recovers after training.
  • 2 x Personal training sessions (60 mins)
  • 1 x Food Allergy & Intolerance Tests (15 mins)

Digestive health

Was £400 now £375 (saving £25)
Digestion and care of the digestive system are central to wellbeing. The digestive health test looks at a host of gut health markers for insight and indication of: Infection, parasites, probiotics, inflammation, digestion & nutrient absorption. A self-guided stool test sample is sent off to the laboratory for analysis and results are received via email within 21 days. If you require results to be discussed during your stay, please request 21 days before arrival date.
  • An inclusive -25-minute remote follow up consultation with an expert nutritionist will help you to use your results in tailoring recommendations to get your gut functioning optimally again. This is the ultimate in personalised nutrition specific to you and your body.

Detox health

Was £278 now £230 (saving £48)
Our Detox Health package aims to achieve an optimal weight in a healthy way while also cleaning and purifying the body through different treatments and therapies. We work on new healthy eating habits to optimise your body’s natural detoxification process to reach the right weight over time. It is advisable to cut out caffeine, sugar and alcohol at least 3 days prior to arriving.
  • 2-day Juice Programme (complimentary)
  • 2 x Frigi Thalgo Wrap (50 mins)
  • 1 x 3 Algae Body Wrap (50 mins)


Dates & locations

6 nights | 2024 Dates | Tring, Hertfordshire

Sunday, 17th March

Sunday, 7th April

Sunday, 21st April

Sunday, 7th July

Sunday, 21st July

Sunday, 4th August 

Sunday, 18th August 

Sunday, 1st September

Sunday, 15th September

Sunday, 29th September 

Sunday, 13th October 

Sunday, 3rd November

Sunday, 17th November

Sunday, 1st December

Please seek medical advice prior to participating in our weight loss programmes. Champneys reserves the right to decline admission subject to health concerns.

This is an introduction to weight loss. We cannot guarantee weight loss results in a 6-night stay. We also suggest participation in daily exercise to maximise results. 

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