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Butterfly Stroke Workshop

with Art of Swimming

This course or workshop is appropriate for both those who wish to learn the butterfly stroke from scratch, or those swimmers who have mastered the stroke but would like to improve their technique.

This workshop is only suitable for those comfortable with complete body submersion and who can confidently swim at least 25m in any stroke.

Learn how to fly freely! | On completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Use the head as the ‘driver’ of the stroke,
  • Understand how the ‘four-wheel’ drive of butterfly works
  • Achieve a slower and lighter arm recovery,
  • Establish a gentle and flowing undulation,
  • Develop a steady, even rhythm that allows the water to lift the body
  • Breathe with ease while conducting the stoke

Often considered the supreme stroke, butterfly is generally seen as the preserve of the strongest and fittest. However, this course will demonstrate the butterfly it is no more challenging than the other three strokes.

People suffering from stiffness, tension or sciatica in the lower back have found relief from learning the Shaw Way to do butterfly.

About Steven Shaw

Steven, age 60, hasn’t always enjoyed a healthy, happy relationship with water. As a successful competitive swimmer in his teenage years he dreamed of becoming a champion before overtraining triggered an excruciating shoulder injury. Heartbroken, he left the pool and vowed never to return.

Mastering the Alexander Technique in his 20s meant he was finally able to find relief from his shoulder injury. Steven then wondered if he could apply the holistic principles of the therapy to movement in water.

By adapting his style and technique, Steven was able to swim pain-free with a new sense of freedom and enjoyment. The Shaw Method had been born. For over almost four decades he has enabled thousands of people all over the world to overcome their fear of water and learn to love and embrace it.

His unique method – breaking the strokes down into a series of separate movements learned both in the water and on dry land - makes the learning process both stimulating and enjoyable, inspiring people of all abilities to move through the water with a new sense of ease and freedom beyond what they ever believed possible.

The Shaw Method

The Shaw Method is an innovative, therapeutic approach to swimming which helps people of all abilities transform their relationship with water.

Created by former competitive swimmer, and Alexander Technique practitioner, Steven Shaw (also known as the ‘Horse Whisperer of Swimming’), the method has helped thousands of people – from complete beginners and those with aqua phobia to injured champions - swim with a greater sense of ease, freedom and enjoyment.

The benefits reach far beyond learning an essential life skill. Learning to swim via the Shaw Method promotes and cultivates body awareness, improves posture, confidence and a sense of wellbeing, and encourages a more efficient, functional movement patterns. 

Steven has trained hundreds of teachers globally, written two books (‘The Art of Swimming’ and ‘Master the Art of Swimming’) and appears regularly in the national press and media speaking about his groundbreaking work.

How does it work?

1 Day Retreat Inclusions

Standard inclusions

Art of swimming
Champneys foundations:
  • Arrival from 9am
  • Healthy lunch
  • Access to the full range of Champneys fitness classes (additional charges apply)
  • Use of Champneys facilities
  • Option to add spa treatments
  • A fluffy robe to wear during your visit, Champneys flip flops and tote to keep
  • Depart Champneys (6pm)

Retreat inclusions

From £295pp
Standard inclusions, plus:
  • 2 group pool sessions
  • 2 group dryland practice sessions
  • Video Feedback

Dates & locations

1 day | Henlow, Bedfordshire

Sunday, 19th November 2024

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Retreat terms & conditions

There is a minimum number of people required for the break to run. Breaks will be cancelled if numbers are insufficient two weeks before the start of the break.

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