Fitness & Boot Camps

At Champneys, we understand that physical fitness isn’t just about working up a sweat; it’s also about education, nutrition and making positive lifestyle changes. 

During a fitness retreat, you will shed the pounds and make new friends; our team of experts will guide you in meeting your fitness goals through a collection of fun indoor and outdoor activities, team games, intensive weight-loss programmes, health monitoring and delicious, healthy menus. 

From the ultimate boot camp experience to access to fitness gurus and the popular FitCamps retreats, we cater for all ages and abilities. Providing active solutions to all of your fitness goals, we aim to get you fit while having fun.

2021 retreats

2 Night Boot Camp

from £499
Our two night boot camps offer the perfect motivational kick-start and have been specially designed to make you feel fitter, energised and more inspired to make positive lifestyle changes.

4 Night Boot Camp

from £799
Our 4 night boot camp is the ideal way to get your fitness back on track. We want to inspire you to make positive lifestyle changes, get leaner, healthier and happier.

6 Night Boot Camp

from £1,499
Our six night boot camps will help improve your endurance, cardio levels, strength and general fitness. Our holistic approach aims to build healthy relationships with food and exercise; relationships that will last long after you leave.

The finer details

We want to make sure that your hard work pays off when taking part in any of our boot camps. That’s why we will always make sure you are happy and comfortable, not pushing you further than your physical and mental limit, but near enough for you to see a difference.

Shape up

We aim to keep things interesting and entertaining. Whatever your age or level of fitness, we have something for everyone.

Real results

Did you know the average weight loss for women and men attending one of our boot camps is 4.6lbs.


A Champneys Boot Camp is an invigorating and effective way to get fit, shape up and slim down. Find out more information about Boot Camps in our FAQs.

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