Have a question about your visit or stay?

Have a question about your visit or stay? Find useful information and advice about our resorts, city spas, treatments and products. We answer the most commonly asked questions, however, if our FAQs do not address your question, please feel free to contact reservations@champneys.com


How can I change my booking? 
We have a small skeleton staff currently in reservations who are working through contacting all of our guests. Please be patient, they will be in contact as soon as possible. 

What options do I have with my booking?  
We are committed to ensuring we are flexible with customer's bookings and making movements for them to attend later in the year without charging an administration fee. If you booked with the Book with confidence guarantee please note that refunds may take up to 45 Days.

Who can I speak to?  
We have a small skeleton staff currently in reservations. Please email reservations@champneys.com with any urgent queries and a member of the team will get back to you.

Booking online

When I try to make a booking it says 'transaction declined' I'm sure I have sufficient funds in my bank, what should I do?  
Please make sure you are entering your billing address and account details exactly the same as they are recorded with your bank. If you encounter this problem multiple times, please call our Reservations Team on 0343 226 2222. Our team will be able to take your booking over the phone. Please email reservations@champneys.com if out of hours.

I'm having trouble creating an account, it says I already have one, yet won't send me a new password?  
You may have a duplicate account, which means the system is unable to confirm the correct email address to send the new password to. Please call our Reservations Team on 0343 226 2222 as they will be able to resolve this for you.  Please email reservations@champneys.com if out of hours.

Can I book Spa treatments online?  
If you wish to book additional treatments, this can be done via the Champneys App (see your confirmation email for download details) or online and we encourage you to book in advance to avoid disappointment.  If your package contains inclusive treatments these will be booked in for you by our spa scheduling team. This is so we can ensure that our therapists’ appointment schedules are filled in efficiently and so that we can
accommodate as many guests as possible. 

Can I book just a treatment? 
At our resorts, you can only book a treatment if you have already booked a spa day or a stay. At our city spas, or at Eastwell Manor or Mottram Hall you can book just treatments.  Again this can be done via the Champneys App.
Can I book fitness classes online? 
You may book classes in advance and can do this via the Champneys App, there is a £3 cost for booking in advance. You are able to also book on site at our fitness desks, again we recommend pre-booking to avoid disappointment.

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Mon 29th March - Mottram Hall Golf
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