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What to pack for a girly spa break

So, you’re off for a weekend with the girls, ready to relax in one of our spa resorts and feel all of your worries drift away. No men, no children, just you, your best friends and some fantastic treatments await. 

It’s time to let your hair down, and we know exactly how to help you do that. After all, with experiences like afternoon tea with a glass of bubbles, late afternoon swims, sauna sessions and fun exercise classes, you’ll be spoilt for ways to unwind with us.
The only problem is, what should you pack? In this article we take a look at the perfect packing list to make sure you have an unforgettable weekend.

Things to pack

The Bag

The right bag is everything. Not only can it be a statement piece, but it can fit everything you need. It’s the perfect reflection of you and will allow you to unpack easily upon arrival, giving you the most time possible to relax. Although it can be hard to resist packing everything but the kitchen sink, a modest weekend bag is perfect for an overnight stay and means you don’t need to worry about carrying anything too big or heavy around.


The dress code at Champneys is simple, wear something that you are comfortable in. As you’ll spend most of your time in your swimsuit and robe, you won’t need to worry about much more than comfortable loungewear, a cosy pair of pyjamas (extra points if your whole group has matching pairs) and smart casual attire for dinner. 

We suggest arriving in something simple and comfortable, and depending on the length of your stay, a few options for dinner. If it’s a colder time of year, you may also want a warm coat or jacket for if you decide you’d like to take a walk around our beautiful grounds or enjoy any of our recreational activities.


Although you’ll usually try to limit how many pairs of shoes you take on most holidays, you’ll need even less when you come for a girly weekend at Champneys. Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted with a fluffy robe to wear during your visit and Champneys flip flops to keep, which means you’ll have all the footwear you need for your time between spa treatments.

Obviously for dinner, feel free to dress up and pop on a pair of heels if the mood takes you. After all, this weekend is all about treating yourself. We’d also say you can never go amiss with a lovely pair of slippers to wear as you head to bed at the end of the day.


One of the number one things to pack for spending time in the spa, is a comfortable and well cut swimsuit. Make sure you pick something you are confident in and something that you love.

We spoke to Emma Campbell, lifestyle blogger and makeup artist at What Emma Did, who recommended a gorgeous swimsuit: “I could never go to a spa break without a swimsuit I feel super confident in. A spa break is all about feeling relaxed and looked after, and if you go with your other half/girlfriends/family, it's usually for a celebration or a well-earned lovely day out. The last thing you need to make you mentally feel dragged down and insecure is any worry. And if you wear a bikini or swimsuit you don't feel yourself in, you'll be anxious all day. Although I'm not too hung up about my body, I always opt for a fitted, figure-hugging swimsuit which suits my shape. I avoid bikinis due to potentially overindulging at the spa day lunch, and I feel like a good fitting swimming costume holds me in and takes off any belly worries!

“In short, make sure you plan your swimwear carefully before you head off for your spa day. Spa days are all about enjoying yourself, being pampered, having fun and even squeezing in that glass of Prosecco at lunch!”


As you’ll spend most of the weekend relaxing, you won’t need to over-accessorise. Of course, bring your beloved items, but don’t feel like you need to dress up when visiting. During the day you’ll be spending your time relaxing in a robe and being pampered – so there’ll be no need for jewellery then! When it comes to your evening meals, however, you and your friends may wish to dress to impress, and of course, we welcome that. If you do want to bring a few extra sparkles for then, be sure you have somewhere safe to keep them during the day when you are relaxing.


Obviously when you are going for a spa break, the first thing on your packing list isn’t toiletries. However, as this weekend is for pampering, if you did want to bring your own bath oils or bubbles for a soak at the end of the day, this can only help you fall further into relaxation. We spoke to xameliax, who agreed that your trip should be 100% about pampering yourself: “I always take my favourite bath oils with me so I can enjoy a lovely aromatic bath at the end of my day and before I head down for dinner. 


After a long day of pampering and zen, what better way to end your day than with a great film or tv show? Bringing along a tablet is great for this, and the screen size means you can easily set up a group watch. Download a couple of your group’s favourite films, huddle into bed and have yourself a sleepover! Remember as well, as you may have read in our blog post, tablets and smartphones can be great for helping you relax and improve your wellbeing. 

Everything else

There are many other things you may usually pack for trips or may want to pack for your next one. Remembering your small but important items really is a skill when it comes to packing. 

We spoke to Victoria, known online as The Harrogate Girl, who has some great recommendations she has picked up from her spa trips: “Spas are my kind of hang out! But I never go without a hair tie, jewellery bag and bra. Luxury spas like Champneys think of most things, there’s no need for flip-flops or a robe so that bit is covered. However, I’m forever losing jewellery. Well, that was until one of the spas gave me a little bag to keep it in. Ever since then I’ve kept that bag and always put my jewellery in it before entering the spa. A hair tie will be very important when humidity hits in the steam rooms! And often I arrive at the spa wearing my bikini – I don’t want to waste precious spa minutes getting changed but that leads to the chances of me forgetting to bring a bra!”