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How to treat your dad this Father's Day

From plaiting our hair and carrying us on our shoulders as kids, to picking us up from parties as a teen and giving advice on cars and bills as adults, dads do a lot for us, and deserve to be treated – and Father’s Day is the perfect time to do just that. This year’s Father’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday 18th of June – thank us later!), so now is the time when people across the country start trying to think of a way to express appreciation for their fathers in a truly special way.
Jeremy McKeen Lead Editor of the Good Men Project blog, comments:

"Father's Day for me is just another fun Sunday with the kids, but is also usually (and intentionally) an excuse to try a new dad-and-kid friendly place or restaurant, preferably with craft beer and cuisine that isn't just kid-friendly. I try to take my kids everywhere, so whether we're going to the hardware, book, or music store, or we're food shopping, we're always out for an adventure. Father's Day last year we went to an outdoor flea market, an indoor trampoline park, and then out to eat Texas BBQ. This year I have no idea where we'll end up, but as long as the kids and missus are by my side, it could be any best day of my life."

If you’re looking for something a bit different from the usual card and voucher fare this year, here are a few ideas on how to make your dad feel special this Father’s Day. From quad biking to spa days, each of these gestures can be given from adults to their dads, or from kids - with the help of the other member of the parenting team!
Breakfast in bed

This is a classic, but every good Father’s Day surely begins with breakfast in bed. Set your dad’s day up for success with a good hearty breakfast of his favourite foods delivered straight to the bedroom. If you’re helping your kids to treat your partner, get them to assist you in making a cup of tea or coffee, toast, croissants and any other food and taking it upstairs. You could even make enough for the whole family and then eat together, sharing stories of your strangest dreams or discussing plans for the day. If you don’t live with your father but want to retain a bit of this tradition, why not pop over to his house with his favourite take-away coffee in the morning?

Chore-free pass

The original point of Father’s Day was to give dads a day off the everyday chores that come with their role, but in the busy world we live on, this often doesn’t happen. Make a pledge this year to give your dad a ‘free pass’ from chores so he can truly unwind for the day. This means that everyone else has to step up – be it the little kids lending a hand or adults stepping in on a family day out with mature parents. Whether this is just an informal agreement or you actually make him a voucher to show any time he is asked to do the washing up, this is certainly a rare gift that all dads will appreciate!

A country walk

For dads that like to get out and about in the sunshine, there’s no better way to spend Father’s Day than with a family walk. Consult in advance on your dad’s favourite walking routes in the local area – somewhere calm and beautiful, or a place that means a lot to the family. You could even stop for lunch at his favourite pub, but make sure to book ahead, because most venues become incredibly busy on Father’s Day. If the sun’s shining, sit outside and reminisce on some of your favourite moments together.

Experience days

Make your dad’s special day truly unforgettable by giving him an experience he’s always dreamt of. These days, experience gifts are rising in popularity, as people realise that memories are gifts that can never be lost or broken. So, whatever is on your dad’s bucket list, make it happen! If he’s always dreamed of driving a race car, get him an autocross or track day experience. If your dad is an adventure-seeker, book him a skydive, or, if there’s a skill he’s always wanted to learn, book him a beginner’s course – you can get these in anything from surfing to wildlife photography.

Spend a day doing his hobby

Father’s Day is all about spending time with family, so if you haven’t got the time or budget to take the whole family out doing something extreme, simply dedicate the day to doing activities that your dad loves. If he’s in to fishing, head out to your local lake or river with the gear and a picnic; if he’s a keen golfer book a day out together at your local club. Or, if your dad has a slightly more niche interest like car history, let him take you all to that museum that he’s been mentioning every weekend for the past few months! This is a day to indulge his interests, and get the whole family involved. You might even find that it becomes your new hobby, too!

DIY gifts

DIY gifts are the perfect way to show your dad how much you care by donating your own time and creative flair to give something a little bit different. These days, with the advent of sites like Pinterest there are plenty of ideas available for DIY gifts that your dad will really love. This website shares fifty ideas on crafted gifts that many dads will love, from clocks made out of vinyl records to a wooden beer tote.

However, if you’re looking for something a little simpler, the best way to create something meaningful is to focus on the memories. Go through your family photos and pick out some of your favourites – whether images through the years if it’s for your own father, or family holiday pictures if it’s from your kids. With these, you could make anything from a collage to a memory box, or even just choose a nice frame and decorate it with messages using a marker pen.

Go to a gig

Everyone loves a good bit of live music, but many of us don’t spend enough time enjoying concerts and performances with our family. For a Father’s Day that your dad is sure to remember, book tickets to see his favourite band or comedian. This is perfect for more artistic souls, and is something that the whole family can enjoy together. Many gigs have family-friendly seated areas, but book ahead to make sure you get the best view. This can be a great surprise if you take your dad out for dinner and then surprise him by heading to a gig afterwards!

Get outside

Enjoying the great outdoors has been proven to be one of the best ways to boost individuals’ mood and bring the family together, so why not make Father’s Day an opportunity to get outside and explore? Depending on your dad’s interests, this can take many forms. Perhaps it will just be a leisurely amble along the local canal, stopping in a scenic area for a picnic. Or, if your dad is a keen cyclist, you could let him lead you on his favourite route in the local area. More thrill-seeking families could even consider booking a day of kayaking, quad biking or climbing! It’s sure to bring you closer together, too.

Pamper him!

Just because it’s Father’s Day, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the day has to be action-packed. Many dads enjoy a good pampering session just as much as mums, so let him unwind in style with a spa day. Our Father’s Day spa package for two is the perfect experience for dads who may never have been to a spa before, giving them an introduction to all of the health benefits spa treatments can give. This special offer allows is available throughout June and July, and allows dads to choose from a personal training session for both guests or a Men’s Grooming Experience for one. A delicious, nutritious lunch is also included in your day.

At Champneys Spas, he can spend his day relaxing in swimming pools, steam rooms and saunas, as well as enjoying treatments from world-class therapists, such as massages to ease tension caused by work or his favourite sport. Our spas also offer fantastic leisure facilities, including over twenty exercise classes, so he can spend his day however he wishes.

Cook a meal

After a full day of excitement - or relaxation - there’s no better way to round off Father’s Day than with a delicious family meal. Instead of going out and sitting with countless other families in a busy restaurant, why not cook your dad’s favourite meal yourself. Gather all of your siblings together and pitch in cooking something special, with dessert, of course! Cooking shows real thought and care, and then enjoying the meal together is the ideal opportunity to catch up on each other’s news and spend some time thanking your dad for all that he does. Jeremy says that, to celebrate Father's Day with his dad, "we try to set aside a night of dinner and/or drinks and a movie, but last year we just had drinks and then got ice cream as we walked around town. It was perfect."