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Detox at Champneys

To mark the opening of the new Marine and Wellness Centre at Champneys Tring, Spa Manager Lucy Ayles provides an insight into its exciting development…
Our Marine and Wellness Centre launched this month; it’s fair to say that it’s one of Champneys biggest projects isn’t it?

This project took a lot of planning and a lot of research. The research was conducted by trialling lots of alternative treatments along with visiting a number of spas across the world. We left no stone unturned, we wanted to ensure that we delivered something outstanding – and we believe we will.

So what exactly is the Marine and Wellness Centre? It’s the first of its kind in the UK, right?

Yes it most certainly is. The Detox and Wellbeing Centre has been launched in celebration of our 90th anniversary. It offers a range of water-based, personalised treatments in a smart, ultra-modern purpose-built environment – designed to renew and reinvigorate. It’s a two-and-a-half hour experience and tailored to each and every individual. It is broken down into six stages; Step 1:  feet first (foot soak and cleanse), Step 2: soak (hydro), Step 3: indulge (infra red or Salt and Oxygen), Step 4: wrap, Step 6: cleansing (cleansing vapour) and Step 6: relaxation. The experience is tailored to each individual depending on their individual concerns.

What do you think makes the Centre stand out from what our rival spas have to offer?

There is nowhere else in the UK that offers anything like this. We are delivering a service that is new to us and new to the beauty industry in this part of the world. As I said, the treatments we offer are second-to-none and have been adapted from those we experienced from all around the world.

How would you describe the centre’s design and ambience?

New, modern, it’s a real marine feel. The centre is very fresh looking, bright and shows off an array of ultimate equipment.

Why are water-based treatments so effective?

These are all natural ingredients. They will help to draw out any toxins in the body while naturally moisturising, exfoliating and softening the skin. The treatments aid the remineralisation and detoxification of the body.

Guests will experience a detox journey. What was the decision behind that?

The stages were introduced to ensure we covered all areas; we want guests to experience a little bit of everything when they enter the centre. As I mentioned before, each session is tailor made so with the different steps we can ensure everyone is receiving an experience that is personal to them.

How extensive has the training been for the therapists in order to provide these treatments?

The therapists have visited La Baule in France which is where the marine treatments originated. Here they experienced first-hand a number of the treatments and had specialised training in how to carry these treatments out. We have also had visits from experts in Germany and Lithuania in order to be trained in the other equipment we are using.

Why is it important to detox? How will this help and benefit the people that try it out?

Detoxing has a number of benefits, it’s endless. From boosting energy, encouraging weight loss, clearing the mind and ensuring easier breathing. It also improves circulation and general wellbeing, lowers high blood pressure and aids healthy skin, hair and nails.

Champneys is ultimately about escaping from everyday life and the stresses that can bring. This will certainly help with that won’t it?

Of course. It’s not just a one off treatment; this is an experience, a journey, a programme. It’s something that is suitable for everyone and can be adapted for each client. It’s a unique and rewarding experience, I’d thoroughly recommend it.