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9 health and fitness gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the perfect time to show your dad just how much you appreciate him and everything he has done for you. Traditional gifts like chocolate and beer just won’t do for a father working to avoid succumbing to the ‘dad bod,’ however, you can make this Father’s Day really special by giving him a thoughtful gift that he will love.
Here at Champneys HQ we have compiled a list of the top 9 health and fitness gifts you can get for Father’s Day this year.
Water Bottle 

A water bottle is an essential life item, and something that can stay with a person for a long time. If you are looking to get your dad something he will use every day, a water bottle is a brilliant idea. Recently people have been ditching single-use plastic for reusable bottles and this has meant there are now a lot of sophisticated and stylish options on the market.

24Bottles is an Italian design brand that aims to unburden the world of disposable plastic bottle. As well as being carbon neutral, the Clima bottles are sweat free and can keep your drink warm for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. The various designs and ability to personalise means you can get your dad a custom bottle that he can treasure for a long time. 

We spoke to the team at 24Bottles who told us a bit more about the brand: Our belief is that a good design can change things for the better, helping people improve their health and quality of life as well as their look, in an environmentally friendly way. Our focus is to combine form and function in order to offer uniquely lightweight collections of bottles, bags and accessories, so as to foster a more sustainable and comfortable lifestyle while keeping personal style in check.”

The team also told us why a reusable bottle is such a good Father’s Day gift: “A stainless steel reusable water bottle is a special gift for every Father: something that lasts and can be customized as well. Also, dads should lead by example and rejecting plastic bottles looks a pretty good one to give their children, in our opinion.”

“Our bottles are thoroughly BPA-free and built to contain any kind of liquid, from still water to carbonated drinks, from milk to wine... that is why every dad should have one. And with the wide range of colours and sizes we offer, every dad would surely find the perfect one for himself.”

A Cookbook

If your dad is a food lover, then getting him a new cookbook could be a great and personal Father’s Day gift. Cooking with someone is a great way to spend some quality time together and pouring over the pages of a new cookbook is an unrivalled pleasure for a foodie.

Gone are the days of only being able to get cookbooks from ‘celebrity’ chefs, there are now many alternative options available which means you can pick up something that your dad will love. Here are a few less mainstream cook books that your dad is sure to love:

For the foodie and film loving dad look no further than Eat What You Watch by Andrew Rea, better known as Binging With Babish. Andrew runs a successful YouTube channel where he creates dishes inspired by film and television. Team up with your old man and make delights such as Butterbeer from Harry Potter or Breakfast Dessert Pasta inspired by Elf.

Thug Kitchen is ‘dedicated to verbally abusing you into a healthier diet.’ Perfect for the health-conscious dad with a penchant for swearing. Thug Kitchen provides delicious vegan recipes that not only pack a punch of flavour but are as healthy as possible.

If your dad is a rise and shine kind of guy, then you should check out Big Bad Breakfast. Inspired by the author’s popular restaurant in Mississippi, this book celebrates southern food and bold breakfasts. Full of delicious recipes and fascinating stories this book brings American breakfast food to your kitchen.

We spoke to Chef Currence, the author, who told us the inspiration behind the book: “Big Bad Breakfast was conceived as a result of the fact that no one in the industry was really putting a ‘chef’s’ effort into breakfast like we are so hell-bent on at lunch and dinner. Breakfast is such a playful and joyful meal service, it was just an insane pleasure to dive into and easy to make a mark. We all have so many fond memories of breakfast with family, holiday brunches and nobody ever seems to be angry at breakfast, it’s just a ball to cook for that service.”

We also asked Chef Currence why this book would be a great gift for Father’s Day: “What better way to ensure that dad might shoot you breakfast in bed if you give him this book?”

A Hiking Guide

A hiking guide is a simple and small gift, but it can mean a lot. If your father is an outdoorsman, born hiker or adventurer, it’s a great way to let him explore that. You can gift the hiking guide as a promise of joint hikes in the future, a suggestion of somewhere you think he may like or if you live far away it could be a hiking guide to your local area for when he comes to visit.

Spa Day

Sometimes everyone needs to relax and unwind, and there is no better way to do that with a treatment. Indulge him in a spa day and give him some time off from being a dad. Whether he spends his days at home picking up after everyone or out working this short escape from reality will give him an energising boost. 

With specific men’s treatments you can treat your dad to the pampering he deserves. Our carefully-crafted treatments are designed to energise and de-stress, perfect for a busy dad who is always on his feet. Bring the spa home with you and treat him to a Go The Extra Mile Energising Facial Grooming Kit so he can unwind at home. 

Tickets to a game

Shared experiences are fantastic. It’s even better when they are a gift, being able to say ‘Hey, dad, I’d love to spend this weekend with you’ is one of the nicest things you can do for your father. If he is a sports lover, then buying tickets for you and him to go to a game is a great idea for a gift. It means you get to spend some one-on-one time with your old man, doing something he loves. Even if you aren’t interested in the sport, you can ask him to teach you and spend your day learning a bit more about him and what he loves to do.

As well as tickets to a game you can look at experiences to do with his beloved sport. If he is Manchester United till he dies then you could always arrange an Old Trafford stadium tour and go behind the scenes of the home of his team. If he loves running you could sign you and him up to a fun run or 5k and run with him.

Jogging Stroller

Sometimes, especially for dads with younger children or grandchildren they take care of, it can be hard to juggle exercise and childcare. Recently, jogging strollers have become more popular because they give a solution to this issue, allowing you to take your young child along with you whilst you exercise.

We spoke to Kev, better known as Running Dad, who told us why he was first inspired to buy a jogging stroller: “With our second child and a reasonable gap between children I felt that the only way to juggle to the challenge of exercise and childcare had to have a solution. I found this in the form of a running stroller. While my wife took our daughter to her weekend activities I could get out with our son in the stroller.”

Kev gave us his review of the experience: “To be honest I have found it to be one of the best investments I have ever made. So much so I am on to my second stroller now after outgrowing the first.

“Running with a stroller feels foreign at first but you very quickly adapt. Knowing how to corner easy bends or when to pivot on to two wheels for anything sharper. I find that I switch my pushing arm with a level of frequency to avoid feeling all one sided as you naturally swing both arms when running. I would liken the liberty it affords to run and take care of a child to that of getting your first car.”

Kev also recommended his preferred brand: “Having first started with a Grace Relay Jogger at first I can tell you that the Out n About Nipper Sport V4 that I have now is FAR superior in almost every respect. It can be quickly dismantled with quick release levers and switches for the wheels and put into the car boot as I do for attending the local parkrun. Easy.”

Workout Gear

Anybody who is into their fitness will always appreciate new workout gear. Often our gym tops and running shorts are used relentlessly until they are falling apart and finding new gym gear can seem like a hassle when you have perfectly worn in your kit.

Treating your dad to some new, flash workout gear can be a great way to support his fitness hobbies and upgrade his workout style. We spoke to the team Castore, a brand founded by two former athletes and brothers that makes premium sportswear. This British brand aims to “push the boundaries of performance sportswear through a deep commitment to science and technical engineering”.

They told us why workout clothes are such a great workout gift: “Every dad should take his health and fitness seriously and the exceptional comfort of Castore garments help make keeping fit much more appealing; knowing you are wearing the very best quality sportswear acts as an excellent motivator to keep training during those difficult days when weather conditions may not be the most inspiring. The attention to detail, personalisation options and quality finishes prevalent in all Castore garments make for the perfect gift for any health-conscious father.”

So, whether you choose to relax and get pampered on a spa day or get sweaty on a long hike, be sure to treat your Dad this Father’s day to something he will really enjoy.

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