Massage Treatments

Massage Treatments

Massages at Champneys

Unwind and indulge with our glorious range of massages. Find the best option for you, for a day at Champneys wouldn’t be complete without an invigorating massage. Relax tired muscles, improve circulation and relieve tension and stress, in a spa experience like no other.

Here at Champneys, we offer a range of expert massage treatments individually tailored around your personal needs. Whether you’re looking for a rejuvenating deep-tissue massage to recover from a sporting event, an aromatherapy massage to help calm the mind, or a balancing hot stone massage, we will craft the perfect holistic treatment with our range of spa massages.

Wherever you may be feeling tension, our practitioners will ease pain and tightness, loosening the muscles with their treatments. Choose from head massages, back treatments, foot massages and much more.

Massages not only make you feel lighter on your feet and relax the mind, they can also boost the circulation, improve the lymphatic flow and enhance flexibility for a range of health benefits. Using the best essential oils and natural ingredients, Champneys’ range of massages will also exfoliate skin the natural way, softening and nourishing it along the way.

You can also customise the intensity of your treatment by selecting from various session lengths – 25 minutes, 50 minutes or 85 minutes. We have spent many years studying the finest massage traditions from around the world, as well as the newest modern treatments, to create the perfect selection for your needs. From classic hot poultice massages to bamboo massage, a world of relaxation awaits.

In meeting your every need when it comes to treatments, we also meet your every need when it comes to cost, with our three filtered categories. Our Discovery options provide the spa essentials, while our Personalised section offers a more detailed touch. Seeking something a little more indulgent? Then be sure to check out our Ultimate options.

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