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Designed to meet your individual health and beauty needs, our Personal facials are tailored to your each and every need. With that little something extra, treatments provide the utmost in relaxation and rejuvenation. The expert touch can be found in everything we do.

Champneys Sports Massage

  • 50 minutes
Muscle pain and tightness are relieved The Treatment: A firm-handed, deep tissue massage that helps the majority of minor and moderate musculoskeletal problems, and is ideal before or after exercise. The Reward: Muscle pain and tightness are relieved as your therapist uses tailored massage techniques to release tension and restore balance. If you’ve overdone it at the gym or exercise class, this is the treatment for you. It’s also ideal to help with injury recovery. This treatment has limited availability. We do not recommend this treatment if you suffer from:
  • thrombosis
  • varicose veins
  • circulatory problems
  • if you are pregnant
  • undergoing treatment for cancer

Champneys YOUnique PT 60 minutes

  • 60 minutes
The Service: Have you hit a plateau, do you have a special date in your diary or are you aware of specific weaknesses you want to improve? Our Personal Trainers are here to take you to that next level. Champneys PT is unique to YOU. Your goals, your diary, your training plan & your results. With the tailor-made Champneys approach and your hard work, you will create the best possible version of YOU and FAST. This session includes a health review, body composition analysis, 8-point movement analysis, and a short-sweat session to get you moving. The Reward: Take a step closer to achieving fitness goals, tone, slim and boost your mood in a fun and controlled environment.

Exercise Prescription

  • 50 minutes
The Service: Our experts will plan fitness-related activities and provide realistic personal advice; all designed to increase your physical wellbeing. The Reward: Change daily habits, learn how physical exercise can improve your health. Live a healthier life.

Fitness Evaluation

  • 50 minutes
The Service: Our experts help to determine and evaluate your level of fitness via a series of cardio, flexibility and strength tests allowing you to plan your training with a greater degree of accuracy. The Reward: Enhanced wellbeing and greater sense of understanding. Adapt and develop our effective fitness strategies for healthy daily routines.

Health Appraisal

  • 30 minutes
The Service: Focus on three of the most vital health measurements: body fat, blood pressure and aerobic capacity. The Reward: Quick and comprehensive results, allowing you to identify, address and adapt any current or potential health concerns.

InBody Analysis

  • 15 minutes
The Service: Providing you with an analysis of your body composition, comparing right to left limbs and torso distribution of fat and muscle and identifying any health issues in relation to this distribution. The Reward: Achieve the correct body composition for health and allow discussion on positive changes to your lifestyle – including daily calorie requirements.

Personal Training For Two

  • 50 minutes
The Service: Share the challenge, share the fun. A great alternative to the traditional one-on-one workout session. The Reward: Take on our tips and tricks, discover a fresh new perspective to the world of fitness. Sweat, tone, smile.

Personal Training Workout

  • 60 minutes
The Service: This is a fun, personalised one-to-one workout which will enable you to focus upon your health and fitness goals. A variety of training methods and equipment can be used to accommodate your needs, whether it be a workout in the gym, pool, a personalised boxercise class or fitness walk in the grounds. Book a single session for that initial kick-start, try training with a friend, or sign up for a series of workouts to keep that motivation going.

Vibrotherapy Training

  • 50 minutes
The Service: Massage or workout with vibration plates which shake and move, causing muscles to contract at high speeds. The Reward: Maximum results minimum time. Burn calories, improve blood circulation and increase resting metabolic rate. Also aids weight loss and muscle toning.

Champneys guide to fitness services

Focusing on your health and fitness goals, our collection of services have been designed to incorporate wellbeing into your everyday routines. Whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned gym bunny, looking to improve health or shake up your outlook – our evaluations, appraisals, consultations and classes will leave you feeling fitter, more energised and inspired to make positive lifestyle change

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