Baby On Board Treatments

Baby On Board Treatments

Pregnancy-friendly treatments

As well as selecting particular spa treatments that are suitable for pregnant women, we also offer treatments that are designed with you in mind, perfect for a mamma-to-be. With carefully chosen facials, wraps and massages we can help ease tiredness, improve circulation, relax the muscles in your lower back and restore your beautiful pregnancy glow. Then we have our Beautiful Bump treatment. The ultimate in pregnancy pampering, you will feel nothing but bliss after a soothing foot soak, gentle back massage, body mask, and foot, leg and scalp massage.

Pregnancy spa days

During a Champneys pregnancy spa day, you can enjoy all of the best hand-picked spa treatments designed  for mums-to-be. These wonderful, nourishing and pampering treats benefit both mother and baby, promoting deep relaxation for those blossoming bumps. At Champneys, we understand your every need. Once you’ve passed your first trimester, treat yourself with one of our massages, which range from 25 to 50 minutes. Treat your hands and feet with a manicure or pedicure, or both – or indulge in some of our most popular facials.

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