Alternative Treatments

Alternative Treatments

Alternative Treatments

Restore harmony and reset your body’s natural balance with our collection of alternative treatments from Champneys. Influenced by an expert mix of ancient traditions and the latest innovations in health and well-being, we aim to enhance health and uplift the soul with our range of alternative treatments. Our holistic therapies are designed to nurture, calm and soothe the body and soul.

If you have been feeling stressed, out of sync, or are simply experiencing some physical ailment, an alternative treatment may be a fantastic option for redressing the balance. Alternative treatments are becoming increasingly popular each year as everyone from practitioners to healthcare professionals discover the real benefits they can have for a number of conditions.

Whether you are experiencing insomnia or anxiety, persistent tiredness or muscle pain, alternative treatments can help with a number of complaints. Using the most trusted historic traditions, combined with innovative research into the success of non-intrusive methods, alternative treatments are paving the way for individuals looking to nurture their health without the use of pharmaceutical medicines.

Taking a natural approach to wellbeing, whilst aiming to promote the balance between the body’s various systems and the brain’s health, alternative remedies are a brilliant choice for those in search of sustainable solutions without side effects.

Some of our popular alternative treatments include dry floats, a warming and relaxing treatment working to relieve bodily and mental tension, reflexology, which uses ancient insight to work on the body’s pressure points for a head-to-toe re-energised feeling, and shiatsu, a pressure point massage using thumb, finger and palm techniques to correct the flow of energy through the body.

These innovative treatments can reduce pain, rid the body of tension and dispel fatigue, leaving you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

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