Essential Health Check - £65 for 30 minutes

As part of our additional services at Champneys Tring, we’re offering detailed health check-ups in the most relaxed of surroundings. 

Get a serious health overhaul from our Champneys Doctor, with our exclusive offers for January and February.

Our Essential Health Check includes consultation to discuss your personal health concerns and work out recommendations to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. In maximising your wellbeing, you’ll also receive a plan that will not only address your short-term health goals, but your long-term goals too.


Essential Plus Health Check £260 for 60 minutes (£500 at Bupa)

For those seeking an in-depth analysis, our Essentials Health Check Plus includes a 30-minute consultation with a doctor and a further 30 minute follow- up appointment to assess your results. On top of your detailed plan, we’ll also carry out a collection of tests.

Essentials Plus Health Check includes

  • Personal medical history and lifestyle questionnaire
  • Height and weight measurements
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) calculation
  • Body fat percentage
  • Waist circumference
  • Blood pressure
  • Urine analysis to check for diabetes and kidney problems
  • Non-Fasting Blood Glucose (diabetes) test.
  • Non-Fasting Cholesterol test and full lipid breakdown.
  • Lung function test
  • Resting ECG
  • Cardiovascular risk score
  • Complete blood profile – to include anaemia and the ability to fight infection; kidney and liver function; calcium and protein levels; as well as thyroid (female) and prostate (male) for the over 50's

Private Medical Insurance: If you have private medical insurance, or are part of a company scheme, you may be entitled to a reduced rate. Please contact on for more information.

supplementary health checks

In taking care of your health, we’re also offering supplementary health checks to provide a more detailed view of specific areas of focus to compliment your Essential Health Check. 

Champneys Exercise Prescription Package - special offer £29.50 saving more than £15

In addition to the standard blood pressure, body fat, pulse and lung function which is included in the Essential Plus Health Check, this package will test your flexibility and strength. Based on the advice given we can devise a fitness programme for the home and gym.

Add on: £45/55 minutes

Weight Management DNA Fit Diet Testing - special offer £160 saving £29

This DNA Diet test explores 30 genetic variants that impact body weight, metabolism, and appetite. It will tell you everything from your personal sensitivity to refined carbohydrates and saturated fat, your Lactose Intolerance and Coeliac Risk, ideal vitamin & micronutrient intake and your salt, caffeine and alcohol sensitivity. Results will be sent out via email within three weeks.

Add on: £189/30 minutes