December - February

Winter 2021-22 retreats

Champneys run a wide variety of retreats and bootcamps across its resorts. Whether it's weight loss, fitness, mind management or yoga you're after, our experts are on hand to help you reset, revive and thrive.
The retreats listed below are all available between December 2021 and February 2022.

Weight loss & detox

Body Transform Metabolic Detox

with Amanda Hamilton

Tring | 3-4 nights from £990pp
An ideal retreat to kick-start body goals, reset eating habits and inspire longer-lasting health change.

The Placebo Diet:
Complete Mind-Body Programme

with Janet Thomson

Henlow Grange, Forest Mere & Springs | 2-4 nights from £399pp
Join best selling author, Janet Thomson, to help you to change your thoughts and, as a result, your habits to lose weight and adopt motivational practices for all areas of your life.

Juice Cleanse

with PRESS Healthfoods

Tring | From £25pp
Give your body a rest from an unhealthy diet with a juice cleanse designed to nourish your body with all the essential nutrients you need and allow your digestive system a break.

Fitness & boot camps

Champneys Boot Camp

with expert instructors

Tring, Forest Mere & Springs | 2-6 nights from £549pp
Our boot camps offer the perfect motivational kick-start and have been specially designed to make you feel fitter, energised and more inspired to make positive lifestyle changes.

Learning to Swim Workshop

with Art of Swimming

Springs & Forest Mere | 1 day or 2 nights from £249pp
This retreat is ideal for non-swimmers who have anxieties about learning to swim and anyone who feels uncomfortable putting their face in the water.

Front Crawl Workshop

with Art of Swimming

Henlow, Springs & Forest Mere | 1 day or 2 nights from £275pp
This retreat is suitable for anyone who can swim or glide with their face in the water, and wishes to learn a unique, efficient, and inspiring approach to front crawl.

Health & Fitness Day

with Janette Cardy

Tring | 1 day from £120pp
Our health and wellbeing day with Janette Cardy is about bringing likeminded people together to work out, help each to get motivated, and to inspire each other.

Champneys Cycling Camp

with RIAK Fitness

Tring | 3 nights from £758pp
Join us for a three-night cycling adventure designed not only to elevate your athletic performance, but with its expertly coached sessions and workshops, to elevate your training knowledge.

Body Kindness

with Plus One Retreats

Henlow | 2 nights from £530pp
Stretch both your mind and body on a weekend health and fitness retreat with a powerful mother daughter duo.

Yoga, Pilates & meditation

Chillout Yoga

with Chillout Retreats

Forest Mere | 2 nights from £529pp
Champneys have teamed up with Chillout retreats to offer you the opportunity to relax, revive and restore yourself in the stunning and luxurious Forest Mere.

Happiness & Peace Retreat

with Daphne Bath & Dotty Maria

Forest Mere | 1 night from £145pp
Together Daphne and Dottie offer you a mind and body experience to teach you skills to live your best lives with energy, laughter and zest.

Pilates Day Retreat

with Sophie Gowen

Tring | 1 day from £125pp
Join Pilates teacher Sophie Gowen for a day of Pilates, spa and nurturing at Champneys Tring.

My Reiki Star: Self-Healing Retreat

with Carole Mackie

Eastwell Manor | 1 night from £327.50pp
Author Carole Mackie is a certified, intuitive Crystal Reiki Master with over 30 years’ experience. This is a powerful retreat where Carole will teach you how to ignite your own inner healing power with an introduction to self-reiki, meditation, chakras and crystals.

Flowing Yoga Retreat

with Ken Eyerman

Henlow | 2 nights from £440pp
Ken Eyerman brings his wealth of learning to a unique blend of dynamic flowing yoga with gentle inner sensing Feldenkrais movement awareness lessons.

Health, wellbeing & mindfulness

Self Care In Sobriety

with Janey Lee Grace

Tring & Springs | 1 night from £299pp
Presenter and author, Janey Lee Grace, leads a break focused on the positive benefits of cutting down or quitting the booze, it’s all without judgement or blame, we look at shifting mindsets.

Younger, Longer:
Longevity, Life Rejuvenation & Age Reversal

with Dr Alka Patel

Henlow Grange | 1 day from £280pp
Has your busy life taken it’s toll? Is stress zapping your zest? Did you know that stress is the key factor that speeds up ageing? This rejuvenation and age-reversal retreat will help turn back the clock. It’s time to out-SMART stress and out-LIVE life with stress-modifying age-reversing techniques so that you can live with Longevity, Intention, Value and Energy.

Reclaim You


Tring | 9 nights | £POA
A 10-day QLP addictions and mental health wellbeing retreat with MASTERMIND2.0, who provide high-end, personalised, holistic programmes for those who want to make profound changes in their lives.

Attitude Is All

with Tanya Wheway

Tring | 2 nights from £449pp
Would you like to feel happier and more contented, have more fun, enhance your relationships, be more successful and have more energy? The power of the mind is amazing. On this retreat we address all these issues and more.

How To Stress Less

with Janet Thomson

Forest Mere | From £389pp
An immersive, interactive inspirational retreat designed to help you calm your mind, reprogramme the way you think and change the way you respond to stressful situations.

Reiki Retreat for Mental & Emotional Health

with Lauren & Davido

Eastwell Manor | From £307pp
This two day retreat is designed for learning, healing and relaxing with like-minded people in a stunning location whilst enjoying delicious food and spa facilities.

Mastering the Menopause

with Sue Woodd & Kim Blair

Forest Mere | From £135pp
This course will enlighten and empower women to manage their symptoms, make informed choices tailored to their needs, thus Mastering their Menopause.

Your Journey Of Discovery

with Sandi & Mike Mayes

Henlow Grange & Forest Mere | 2 nights from £424pp
Join Sandi & Mike to learn techniques to make your life journey more comfortable and fulfilling with mindfulness, meditation, heightened awareness of what and who affects you in life, self-care, self-healing and listening to your intuition in order to make the right decisions.

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