Mindfulness and meditation

Through our expert-led workshops and talks, you’ll discover effective strategies to use throughout your life, touching on personal relationships, career goals, stress management, and even having more fun.
Depending on the retreat, you’ll receive expert advice on nutrition and fitness, mindfulness, meditation, stress control, or how to create a happier life, with increased inner peace. 
After a Champneys mindfulness and meditation retreat, you’ll leave us with a renewed sense of calm and a new level of self-awareness that will positively impact all areas of your life.

2021 retreats

1 Day Spring Awakening Spiritual Wellbeing Day with Carla Williams

Carla Williams, a professional dancer & choreographer with over 20 years’ experience, leads a day of feel good flow yoga and yin and restorative, deeply meditative practice.

2 Night Luxury Mindfulness Retreat with Neil Seligman

This luxury retreat offers you the opportunity to get away from it all and reconnect with yourself, all whilst learning the timeless art of mindfulness in the glorious surroundings of Champneys Forest Mere.

2 Night Soul Ignition with Neil Seligman

A powerful retreat led by International Mindfulness Advocate and Conscious Visionary, Neil Seligman who has been running highly popular Luxury Mindfulness Retreats at Champneys Forest Mere for five years.

2 Night How To Stress Less with Janet Thompson

from £399
Learn How To Remove Anxiety, Collapse Negative Emotions & Create a Sense of Internal Peace. Live your life without those negative thoughts controlling your happiness.

4 Night How To Stress Less with Janet Thompson

from £715
An immersive, interactive inspirational retreat designed to help you calm your mind and reprogram the way you think and change the way you respond to stressful situations.

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