2 Nights | Forest Mere | From £455pp

Self-Care Retreat: Pause, Take Stock & Re-charge

with Debbie Williams

Join Debbie Williams, spiritual & wellbeing life coach, as she shares 3 decades of knowledge, wisdom, & healing rituals with you.
Weaving a spiritual simplicity through her wellbeing & life coaching, she creates a sacred space for you to pause, take stock and re-charge. There you will find a new sense of clarity and direction,an ability to 'come home to yourself', honour your needs and heal with radical self-care.

The perfect pause and rejuvenation for those feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, burnt out or who's needs are never met.

About Debbie Williams

From a young age, Debbie Williams has been an intuitive and empathic healer.

Her journey into studying healing therapies began as a physical therapist at the age of 18 when she formally trained as a therapist in the beautiful city of Edinburgh. This soon evolved into a deeper spiritual pathway and a lifelong commitment to developing the gift she was born with. 

Over the past 30-plus years, Debbie has studied many vibrational healing modalities, and run private clinics in Scotland, Worcester, Dorchester and Dorset.  She is a spiritual & wellbeing life coach, Reiki Master, advanced Bowen practitioner, transformational healer, and workshop and retreat facilitator. She runs a private face-to-face clinic in Dorset as well as online coaching, distant healing, and spiritual mentoring. Her passion is for sharing the wisdom and teachings she has learned, for Reiki as a pathway to wellbeing and self-care, and for running healing retreats. She believes that the fountain of knowledge and wisdom is within every one of us, and feels privileged to be able to show people, in a simplistic way, how to 'come home to themselves'. 

“Like many, in the past I too have experienced betrayal, fear, anxiety, loss, complicated grief, burnout, and a deep sense of not belonging. The biggest lesson I have learnt is to be authentic. Often the face we show the world is our mask of survival. Through finding my voice and trusting in a spiritual connection bigger than myself, I have been able to overcome many challenges. I’ve learnt the importance of 'feeling and letting go', not rushing the healing process, staying grounded and present, and honouring myself with radical self-care and boundaries.  I now share this wisdom with you so you can heal and align to your soul and stand in the vibration of joy."

Retreat inclusions

How does it work?

Drawing on the beautiful energies of December, a time to go with-in and re-charge, this retreat journey focuses on working with and harnessing the meridians and energy of our water element - the kidneys and bladder - that holds our vital chi and life force and which is linked to the emotions of fear & fright. 
Setting our personal intentions for the coming year ahead, we will look at our values, hidden fears, energy drains and how, with better boundaries, we can live a more balanced and fulfilled life. Delivered with a blend of self-discovery, energy exercises, meditation, healing and fun, this retreat is a perfect end to a stressful year.

Standard inclusions

Self-Care Retreat
Champneys foundations:
  • Arrival from 2pm (room access after 2pm)
  • 2 nights’ accommodation
  • Delicious and nutritious breakfasts, lunches and three-course dinners
  • A fluffy robe to wear during your visit, Champneys flip flops and tote to keep
  • Up to 20 additional Champneys fitness classes per day
  • Option to add spa treatments (additional charge)
  • Unlimited use of facilities

Retreat inclusions

From £455pp
Standard inclusions, plus:
  • Standard inclusions, plus:
  • Three 90-minute self-care workshops: topics include, Boundaries, How to say No, Discovering your Values, Aligning to your needs, Meridians & the Water Element, Energy Drains & Radiators, Self-Care, Pillars of Wellbeing to Preventing Burnout, and Vision Boarding
  • A 60-minute guided healing meditation and vision boarding workshop
  • Workbook and handouts
  • Post-retreat 30-minute coaching discovery video call

Dates & locations

2 nights | Forest Mere, Hampshire

Friday, 10 December 2021

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