2 Nights | Tring, Forest Mere & Henlow | From £405pp

How To Stress Less

with Janet Thomson

Janet Thomson, best-selling author, TV favourite and an undisputed expert in her field, will teach you how to reduce stress, collapse negative emotions and create a lasting sense of internal peace.

An immersive, interactive and inspirational retreat, Janet will walk you through all the information you need to calm your mind and body, remove anxiety and re-programme the way you think and feel.

Whether your stress was caused by a past trauma you have struggled to let go, current emotional demands or general fears and anxieties, when you learn how to calm a stressful mind that’s constantly creating anxiety and worry, you can become more resilient and resourceful. You can live your life without those negative thoughts controlling your happiness.

As featured by: ITV, Channel 4, BBC Radio, Women’s Health, Woman’s Own and the Daily Mail.

About Janet Thomson

An outstanding life coach, her approach is informative, motivational and empowering. 

She has already changed the way thousands of people think and feel to overcome anxiety and stress using mind-reprogramming techniques to give them a set of valuable resources and techniques that they can use anytime, anywhere, which makes her Champneys resident Jedi.

Janet says: "I have helped thousands of people reduce or eliminate excess stress, trauma and anxiety for many years. I would love to help you do that too. It’s so rewarding to watch someone relax and change before your eyes, and it would be my pleasure to guide you through that process. I will teach you a range of very real techniques that can in less than aa few minutes, bring a state of peace and calm to your mind and your body."



When You Stress Less, You Live More...

We’ve all been there. Those moments when anxiety gets the better of us. When we feel a crippling lack of control and make bad decisions or choices. And, more often than not, we regret the end result.

In reality, we’re faced with these situations every single day. Stress is a natural and even necessary process. The key is learning to calm a stressful mind and become more resilient, resourceful and happier.  It’s just part of the human condition. What we must learn to do is handle it in a positive way that keeps us calm and in complete control of our emotions.



Retreat inclusions

How does it work?

In this remarkable and unique programme, you’ll find a collection of practical and holistic techniques to help you find calm in the chaos and change the way you respond to stressful situations. Emotional and physical tension can melt away.

You will learn a range of techniques, such as breathing, eye movements, TFT (tapping) and even some calming self-hypnosis, along with other valuable practices so that you can induce a state of calm whenever you want or need to. 

You will leave the retreat feeling different, calmer and more in control, but, more than that, you will also leave with very real practical techniques that are yours to keep and use – for good. 

Knowledge really is power and when you understand how things work and why you feel like you do, it makes it much easier to make the changes and feel the benefits of those changes.

Here’s just a taste of what you will learn:

Day 1 – Why we all need stress, not just as much. Understand the basic structure of stress and learn 5 quick and easy ways to change your emotional & physical state.

Day 2 – Whose listening? When you use your internal voice where does it come from?  and how can you change it to be more calming and nurturing. Learn a range of practical techniques & enjoy a calming guided meditation.

Day 3 – Thoughts are things – they are a form of energy. Learn some simple energy techniques to change your mind and your body. Feel immediate benefits as your energy begins to change. 

You get a free pre-call consultation call with Janet so that she can ensure you get exactly what you need from the experience, plus a free guided meditation to listen to before you attend. 

Standard inclusions

How To Stress Less
Champneys foundations:
  • Arrival 3pm
  • Three-course evening meal each night, healthy breakfast and lunch each day
  • Use of facilities, including hydrotherapy pool
  • Access to the full range of Champneys fitness classes (additional charges apply)
  • A fluffy robe to wear during your visit, Champneys flip flops and tote to keep
  • Departure at 4pm (room 11am)

2-night programme

From £405pp
Champneys foundations, plus:
  • 2 nights' accommodation
  • Pre-arrival phone call with Janet Thomson
  • Free pre–retreat guided meditation
  • 3 x 3-hour sessions

2 nights | Forest Mere, Hampshire

8th-10th December 2024

2 nights | Henlow, Bedfordshire

20th - 22nd October 2024


2 nights | Tring, Hertfordshire

21st - 23rd April 2024
30th June - 2nd July 2024

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