September - November

Autumn 2023 retreats

Champneys run a wide variety of retreats and bootcamps across its resorts. Whether it's weight loss, fitness, mind management or yoga you're after, our experts are on hand to help you reset, revive and thrive.
The retreats listed below are all available between September and November 2023.

Weight loss & detox

Body Transform Metabolic Detox

with Amanda Hamilton

Tring | 3-4 nights from £990pp
An ideal retreat to kick-start body goals, reset eating habits and inspire longer-lasting health change.

The Placebo Diet:
Complete Mind-Body Programme

with Janet Thomson

Tring, Henlow Grange & Forest Mere | 2 nights from £259pp
Join best selling author, Janet Thomson, to help you to change your thoughts and, as a result, your habits to lose weight and adopt motivational practices for all areas of your life.

New Lief Kick Start to Weight Loss Programme

with Champneys

Tring | 6 nights From £1,975pp
This retreat is ideal to kick-start your desire to change body shape and lose weight whilst learning about ways to work successfully towards longer term weight management.

Fitness & boot camps

Champneys Boot Camp

with expert instructors

Tring, Forest Mere & Springs | 2-6 nights from £549pp
Our boot camps offer the perfect motivational kick-start and have been specially designed to make you feel fitter, energised and more inspired to make positive lifestyle changes.

Front Crawl Workshop

with Art of Swimming

Tring & Forest Mere | 1 day or 2 nights from £275pp
This retreat is suitable for anyone who can swim or glide with their face in the water, and wishes to learn a unique, efficient, and inspiring approach to front crawl.

Health & Fitness Day

with Janette Cardy

Tring | 1 day from £130pp
Our health and wellbeing day with Janette Cardy is about bringing likeminded people together to work out, help each to get motivated, and to inspire each other.

Yoga, Pilates & meditation

Chillout Yoga

with Chillout Retreats

Forest Mere | 2 nights from £529pp
Champneys have teamed up with Chillout retreats to offer you the opportunity to relax, revive and restore yourself in the stunning and luxurious Forest Mere.

Yoga & Pilates Day Retreat

with Claire Baker

Forest Mere | 1 day from £130pp
Join Claire Baker for a day of self-care and leave feeling feeling calm, pampered and energised. 

Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga

with Noemi Franco

Henlow | 2 nights from £452pp
Join Noemi for traditional Hatha Yoga and the Krishnmachrya lineage of Ashtanga, Vinyasa Krama and Viniyoga, combined with the modern innovations of Vinyasa Flow.

Flowing Vinyasa Yoga

with Shamita Ray

Henlow | 2 nights from £452pp
Shamita creates imaginative sequences which move seamlessly from one posture to the next, in a dance-like flow of breath and movement. Practitioners will be encouraged to challenge themselves to discover what their bodies are truly capable of, while maintaining a sense of humour and playfulness throughout.

Yoga and Wellness Day Retreat

with Edith Ewald

Tring | 1 day from £135pp
Stretch and relax with gentle Dru Yoga classes, based on flowing postures and sequences, directed breathing, visualisations and blissful relaxation, improving your flexibility and resilience to stress.

Spiritual Wellbeing Retreat Day

with Carla Williams

Forest Mere | 1 day from £140pp
This beautiful nurturing awakening spiritual well-being day retreat is suitable for all levels. Set in a beautiful setting, Carla will provide you with the opportunity to work on your individual issues whilst being in a friendly group.

Pilates and Yoga Chillout Day

with Maxine Jeavons

Forest Mere | 1 day from £120pp
This 1-day Pilates and Yoga Chillout Day is suitable for all levels. You will enjoy an invigorating Pilates class that will also include some relaxation and meditation. After a healthy light lunch, you will feel centered and at ease with your body with a yin yoga to improve flexibility, stretch connective tissue, boost circulation and promote relaxation.

Creative Vinyasa Yoga

with Liz Lark

Forest Mere | 2 nights from £534pp
This two night yoga retreat lead by Liz Lark adapts yoga postures for each individual in order to ‘chisel' into the form and sculpt and free each unique body.

Pilates & Mindfulness Spa Day Retreat

with Niki

Henlow | 1 day from £135pp
Join Niki for an uplifting day of Pilates, Mindfulness, and Spa Relaxation at Champneys Henlow Grange.

Pilates Day Retreat & Spa

with Sophie Gowen

Tring | 1 day from £125pp
Join Pilates teacher Sophie Gowen for a day of Pilates, spa and nurturing at Champneys Tring and leave feeling toned, relaxed and pampered.

Rock Your Body Truth

with Karen

Forest Mere | 1 day from £169pp
A 1-day retreat to rediscover and revive your wellness routine and and fall in love with taking care of you. You will be guided through a unique combination of Pilates and Sound Healing, a walk, meditation and journalling that will leave you feeling restored and your equilibrium revived.

Yoga & Meditation Weekend Retreat

with Caroline Lucas

Eastwell Manor | 2 nights from £459pp
This weekend retreat set in the idyllic Kent countryside, is suitable for all levels. Here you will be able to rest, relax, and recharge at Eastwell Manor Spa Hotel and enjoy four yoga sessions with Caroline.

Yoga and Pilates Retreat

with Claire Baker

Forest Mere | 1 Night from £324pp
Join Claire Baker for a relaxing overnight break at Champneys Forest Mere where you will be guided through a mixture of Yoga and Pilates sessions.

Yin & Yang Polarity Retreat

with Arnie & Bethany

Forest Mere | 1 day from £170pp
During this one day retreat you will participate in a variety of yoga classes, acro yoga (learn to fly) workshop, deep dive to fascia release session, and restorative Nidra sessions to close this well balanced one day retreat.

Peri-Meno "Pause" Wellness & Yoga Retreat

with Karolina, Samantha & Vanessa

Forest Mere | 1 day from £179pp
This beautiful, nurturing Peri-Meno "Pause" Wellness & Yoga day retreat is suitable for all women experiencing peri-menopause symptoms and need to take a moment of “Pause” to discover a holistic way of embracing the change with the support of experts.

Movement & Wellness Day

with Ismini

Forest Mere | 1 day from £180pp
Spend a day reviving, rewiring and realigning yourself, learning to move with greater ease and less effort through a dynamic Pilates class and calming Somatic movement classes bringing you in tune with yourself.

Revitalise and Rejuvenate Pilates Mind and Body Retreat

with Carroll Locke

Forest Mere | 1 day from £149pp
This restorative Mind Body Retreat is suitable for all levels. The day will consist of 2 Pilates sessions, a stretch session and relaxation session.

Pilates Day Retreat & Spa

with Claire Seager

Forest Mere | 1 day from £135pp
Join Claire for a day of Pilates, spa and nurturing at stunning Champneys Forest Mere.

Health, wellbeing & mindfulness

Attitude Is All

with Tanya Wheway

Tring | 2 nights from £449pp
Would you like to feel happier and more contented, have more fun, enhance your relationships, be more successful and have more energy? The power of the mind is amazing. On this retreat we address all these issues and more.

Reclaim You


Tring | 9 nights | £POA
A 10-day QLP addictions and mental health wellbeing retreat with MASTERMIND2.0, who provide high-end, personalised, holistic programmes for those who want to make profound changes in their lives.

Living The Wisdom Retreat

with Neil Seligman

Forest Mere | From £596pp
Commit yourself to a process of personal development, self-exploration and transformation in this powerful workshop.

How To Stress Less

with Janet Thomson

Henlow & Springs | From £264pp
An immersive, interactive inspirational retreat designed to help you calm your mind, reprogramme the way you think and change the way you respond to stressful situations.

The Art of Awareness

with Sandi & Mike Mayes

Forest Mere | 2 nights from £484pp
Join Sandi and Mike as you learn about the many aspects of awareness; from the understanding, control and care of the physical body, the nervous system, the energy field, and the chakras or energy centres, to understanding how these combine to enable you to experience and interact with other people and places.

Putting Yourself Back Into Your Life

with Sandi & Mike Mayes

Springs | 2 nights from £413pp
Learn who you are, how you are and how you can change that if you want to. Learn how to create a positive reality and be aware of the negative influences in your life and how you can defend yourself against them.

Self Care In Sobriety

with Janey Lee Grace

Tring & Springs | 1 night from £299pp
Presenter and author, Janey Lee Grace, leads a break focused on the positive benefits of cutting down or quitting the booze, it’s all without judgement or blame, we look at shifting mindsets.

Bio-Hacking and Age Reversal

with Dr Alka Patel

Tring | From £1,795pp
Hacktivation is a bio-hacking retreat where innate intuition merges with transformative technology to unveil the hidden whispers of what it means to be healthy in today’s world.

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