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The most romantic spa treatments to try with your partner

If you and your partner are looking for a relaxing way to celebrate your love, why not invest in a refreshing spa treatment or one of our romantic spa breaks? There isn’t a more caring gift you can treat your loved one to, than spending quality time together on a luxurious spa trip.

But, why not add something extra to the proceedings? With recent developments in top spa technology, spa facilities and practices, there are now more romantic spa treatments than ever before, that are perfect for making you both feel special. Here are our eight favourite treatments to try on a luxury spa break with your partner at one of our award-winning spas.
Mary Bemis, founder of tells us why she thinks visiting a spa is a great thing to do as a couple.

“A spa break is an ideal way to renew a relationship and reconnect with your loved one. Taking time out of your daily routines and booking time at a spa is a great investment in both your immediate and future happiness. Try a couple's massage, matching pedicures, or simply soak together - no matter what you choose, it's a wonderful way to enhance your relationship."


Deep tissue back massages

Whether your shoulders are sore from working an office job or you sustained a strain during exercise, it’s important to manage the build-up of stress in your muscles and a romantic break can be the perfect excuse to relax and unwind. The perfect way to get rid of any aches and pains is with one of our range of expert massage treatments. Shannon Smyth from A Girl’s Gotta Spa comments:

“For those of us who sit at our desk for endless hours per day, I highly recommend a tension tamer massage. A tension tamer is a deep tissue massage that focuses solely on your upper body. Kneading out the knots and working out built up tension in your shoulders and neck, not only helps to "relax your back", but also helps with your overall posture.”

Chrystal Webster from The Luxury Editor agrees, saying: “I always find myself correcting my posture at this time of year, I think it’s from huddling to keep warm on the chilly winter days. So, I’d recommend a deep tissue back shoulder and neck massage to help elevate the tension. The firmer the pressure the better!”

Working through to the deeper layers of muscle tissue, these massages are perfect for soothing overstressed areas and improving flexibility. Kerry Symons, Spa Manager at Champneys Henlow, recommends, “Elemis offers a deep tissue massage – this is a deep massage which helps to relieve tension from the muscles using ELEMIS techniques and oils. It is good if you are exercising regularly.”

Aromatherapy Massages

For a truly romantic treatment to make you feel your best, a side-by-side aromatherapy massage is a gentle and indulgent alternative. Choose from a range of scents to create a calming atmosphere and let any stress and tension simply melt away. Spa manager Kerry Symons explains:

“This is a slow, deep and relaxing massage that helps to relieve tension using pre-blended oils to suit the individual guest’s needs. This treatment is perfect for couples as the massage can be carried out in a shared treatment room, subject to availability. It can also be adapted to each guest – helping them relax and unwind.” The aromas that fill the treatment room during an aromatherapy massage will connect you and your partner, bringing you to a mutual level of relaxation for the rest of your spa day. And, as the treatments can be adapted to your personal preferences, you can rest easy in the knowledge you will both be catered for perfectly. 

Hot Stone Massages

For those who prefer a somewhat lighter massage with extra comfort, hot stone, shell and poultice massages are a blissful alternative. Remie from Remie’s Luxury Blog notes that to help you completely wind down for a romantic break, “a relaxing hot stone massage is a must”. The Luxury Columnist also recommends a hot stone massage, as a fantastic way to melt away tension with ease and comfort.

During a hot stone massage, heated, smooth, flat stones are placed on key pressure points of the body, before being used to enhance the massage. Lava shell massages are another alternative, which promote deep relaxation in your muscles to get rid of every ache and twinge, whilst also eliminating toxins. Poultice massages are a unique choice, providing a rhythmical and rebalancing massage using heated coconut poultices and gently warmed anti-oxidative oils to relax muscles, release tension and nourish the skin.

Search our range of relaxing massage treatments including deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone and many more, to find the treatment perfect for you and your partner.

Nutritional Facials

For a romantic break with your loved one, the main priority may be ensuring your skin looks its best. While following your usual beauty regime will help to maintain the desired tone and texture of your face, sometimes we want a little boost before a special occasion – and that’s where facials come in. These days, facial treatments are enriched with all kinds of nutritional ingredients that can remedy any skin complaint.

Shannon comments: “I prefer a facial with Vitamin C boosts to brighten my skin and fade any hyperpigmentation, as well as a glycolic acid peel to quickly improve the appearance of pores and dry patches.”

In an ELEMIS Superfood Facial, for example, a mixture of amino acids, superfoods, minerals and trace elements helps to detox stressed skin. After this quick 25-minute treatment you’ll walk away with superbly soft, deeply nourished skin replenished of moisture.

Whatever your skin concern, from acne to dryness, there is a perfectly-tailored facial ready to make you feel good. Chrystal recommends: “To ensure that you look your best, I’d add a youth booster facial to my wish list. Ideal in filling out laughter lines, hiding those tired eyes and giving a firm and silky-smooth complexion.” If you are unsure what facial is right for your skin, feel free to get in contact with our team who can help guide you through the options.

Our great range of facials can revitalise anyone’s skin and are perfect for a surprise pamper session.

Spa-To-Party Treatments

Lucy Etherington, senior spa spy from The Good Spa Guide comments that one huge current trend is “spa-to-party facials and beautification”, which eradicates the “post-facial fringe or oily face.” A spa-to-party session will give you all the skin and body benefits of a spa session while also doing professional hair and make-up, getting you ready and refreshed to enjoy a night out to remember. In these A-list style spa sessions, you can relax and enjoy a rich facial or even a massage before treating yourself to a glass of prosecco and being made up, ready to wow on your big date. Men can also enjoy our luxury men’s treatments and our men’s grooming experience. Relax with a massage for over 80 minutes and also enjoy a neck and shoulder treatment, and eyebrow tidy and either hand or foot grooming, perfect for making you look the part for a romantic night.

After a day of relaxation and pampering, you don’t even need to worry about going home to get ready for that big event, simply finish up with one of our professional beauty treatments.

Twilight Spa Sessions

Twilight is certainly the most romantic time of day. Why not bring this experience inside and add an element of relaxation with a twilight spa session? An evening at the spa is an incredibly atmospheric experience, as your treatment room is filled with warm, calming lights and comfortable furnishings, allowing you to unwind. Kerry Symons comments:

“Spa evenings are a good way to unwind after a busy day. The facilities allow you and your partner to spend quality time together whether it be in a class, in the swimming pool, the gym, in a hot tub, sauna or in the steam room, followed by a three-course meal. Couples can spend time away from the children, work, TV, housework, and enjoy a date night with a difference.”

A luxury spa evening is definitely a romantic way to spend the night, and with a great range of facilities and treatments to choose from you’ll not forget it in a long time.

Rejuvenating Post-Party Treatments

While aiming to follow a healthier lifestyle is a valuable goal for the New Year, it is often the case that the festive season will spill over past the 31st of December. With many celebrations still occurring, it is important not to make any dramatic changes until you are sure you can maintain them. Lucy from The Good Spa Guide says: “One piece of advice: if you have overdone it, don’t suddenly cleanse your diet and shock your poor body with anything that challenges your immune system. Best to treat yourself gently – have a stress-busting aromatherapy massage, reflexology or Indian Head Massage, or bubble away in an outdoor hydrotherapy pool, with possibly a few minutes in a steam room, making sure you drink plenty of water. The ideal time to detox is spring when your body is physically stronger.”

If you feel you need some guidance with your detox, our weight loss and detox retreats are expert lead programmes that can help you discover yourself again. Work with our professional team and learn how to listen to your body, whilst bettering it. Get educated about everything from fitness routines to nutritional information. The perfect start to a new year.

If you want to extend your spa experience into a full weekend of pampering, our luxury hotels are perfect for a romantic break. Enjoy the hotel and spa, whilst relaxing in our leisure facilities. Relax and enjoy the spa facilities, perhaps treat yourselves to a spot of afternoon tea and in the evening lounge in a vitality pool or book another pampering experience.

Please contact us now to discuss our perfect spa breaks for couples.