Life coaching

You’ll leave the stresses and strains of life behind you, when you come to one of Champneys Life Coaching Retreats. We’ve developed a range of retreats designed to inspire you, and help you build a more positive life, with the confidence to achieve your goals.

Through our expert-led workshops and talks, you’ll discover effective strategies to use throughout your life, touching on personal relationships, career goals, stress management, and even having more fun. Depending on the retreat, you’ll receive expert advice on nutrition and fitness, mindfulness, meditation, stress control, or how to create a happier life, with increased inner peace.  


You’ll leave us with a renewed sense of calm and a new level of self-awareness that will positively impact all areas of your life.

2021 retreats

2 Night Attitude Is All Retreat with Tanya Wheway

from £449pp
Would you like to feel happier and more contended, have more fun, enhance your relationships, be more successful and have more energy? The power of the mind is amazing. On this retreat we address all these issues and more.

2 Night Your Journey Of Discovery with Sandi and Mike Mayes

from £418pp
Join Sandi & Mike to learn techniques to make your life journey more comfortable and fulfilling with mindfulness, meditation, heightened awareness of what and who affects you in life, self-care, self-healing and listening to your intuition in order to make the right decisions.

2 Night How To Stress Less with Janet Thompson

from £399
Learn How To Remove Anxiety, Collapse Negative Emotions & Create a Sense of Internal Peace. Live your life without those negative thoughts controlling your happiness.

4 Night How To Stress Less with Janet Thompson

from £715
An immersive, interactive inspirational retreat designed to help you calm your mind and reprogram the way you think and change the way you respond to stressful situations.

2 Night Your Future: It's Your Choice with Sandi and Mike Mayes

from £410
Learn to create a positive reality every day and become aware of the negative influences in your life – find your inner peace.

2 Night The Art Of Awareness with Sandi and Mike Mayes

from £480
Conscious awareness of how you are affected by what is going on around you in the world will empower you in all areas of your life giving you more confidence and peace.

2 Night Putting Yourself Back Into Your Life with Sandi and Mike Mayes

from £410
Learn who you are, how you are and how you can change that if you want to. Learn how to create a positive reality and be aware of the negative influences in your life and how you can defend yourself against them.


RECLAIM YOU: 10-Day QLP Addictions and Mental Health Wellbeing Programme with MASTERMIND2.0. We provide high-end personalized holistic programmes for those who say enough is enough and want to make profound changes in their lives.

2 Night Insomnia Retreat

from £543pp
Led by Dr Michelle Ni Raghallaigh, NHS-trained sleep and insomnia therapist and neuroscientist, you will be provided with the tools to understand why insomnia occurs, help you identify periods when you are most vulnerable to insomnia, and teach you how to break free from the vicious cycle of insomnia, without the need for drugs.

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Opening Dates

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We look forward to seeing you very soon.