Boot Camps

Reviews & results

"I attended to lose and test different types of exercise so that i could continue when back home. Susie has given me the inspiration to do this."
Anonymous | March 2024

"Susie had so much advice and helpful information with regards to my anemia / low energy / fatigue. She has inspired me to take small steps and that a little progress each day is better/ more sustainable. I have enjoyed trying new activities each day / new meals."
Anonymous | March 2024

"Craig has been an excellent trainer all week. His knowledge is unrivalled. He’s looked after the group and bent over backwards to accommodate a mixture of abilites and energy levels. I keep coming back to Craig’s bootcamps, because they are fun and I learn something new every time. A great experience that I would recommend to anyone."


"My first bootcamp – but I will be back. All staff have been brilliant, but Craig made it a very special experience. For women of a certain age, it’s life changing."
Clare | June 2023


"Craig was incredible and helpful at all times. He was consistent in his approach and exceptionally supportive & motivational. He would go the extra mile, making sure everyone was given positive reinforcement. I learnt so much from him and enjoyed his sessions. He really looked after us and I think he is a superstar! I will be back. Evelyn was awesome and very energetic. I have been to a few bootcamps and they are honestly my favourite thing in the world. Thank you!"
Manjinder | June 2023


I was a bit apprehensive about a 6 night bootcamp as I had previously only attended 4 nights. But all the staff were fabulous. Our bootcamp leader, Craig, was superb and so encouraging.
Maria | June 2023


"Craig was incredibly encouraging. He was wanting to help us with anything we were struggling with. Other teachers (Evelyn & Becca) were awesome. Staff were all helpful. Really luxurious time."
Julie | June 2023


"My week at Champneys was exactly what I needed. The fitness aspect was a great challenge, I learnt so much. I  felt fulfilled and healthy from the wonderful food & spa environment."


 “WOW what a journey!”

I recently completed a 6-night bootcamp, I was nervous as I had not exercised for a while, but it was so much fun. Our bootcamp leaders Craig and Evelyn went above and beyond to ensure we all felt welcome & guided us through an excellent programme of diverse classes from Body sculpt & Circuits to Yoga & Aqua to name a few. It has left me exhilarated with a new zest for exercise that I had lost ( just what I needed ) and I am amazed at my results.”
Maria | June 2023

 "Craig and Evelyn's 6-night fitness bootcamp is a game-changer! Their exceptional training skills and personalised approach create a motivating environment. With their guidance, I achieved remarkable results, lost weight and body fat and gained muscle. Joining their bootcamp was the best decision for my fitness journey. Lots of hard work, and lots of fun too.”
Thalia | June 2023

"Boot camp was absolutely amazing, challenging for all ages and levels of fitness and the food was brilliant, you never went hungry and all within your calorie allowance! Had a superb week with some lovely people, I would highly recommend"
Hannah | March 2022

"A first class programme delivered by impressive and friendly course leaders in a well-run and well-equipped establishment. Evelyn was a great course leader, who maintained her knowledge-based guidance for every participant throughout"
Michael | March 2022

"The boot camp leader, Evelyn, is 10 out of 10 for all her attributes, as a fitness instructor and knowledge on health. The stay was great and even though it's a boot camp, you can still go at your own pace. There's no pressure, only encouragement to help you with the programme."
Jane | March 2022

"The spa and hotel staff were very helpful, friendly and efficient. Enormous thanks to Evelyn, Craig and the team who were outstanding in every respect. Their professional expertise was applied practically to each individual, with interest and always good humour."
Pamela | March 2022

"Just fantastic. Lovely to see all the team again. Susie’s bootcamp is the best! Craig’s class was great. James rebounding class was amazing. All circuit classes were fabulous. Jonna’s massage was just what was needed, she is the best. Sally’s (Elemis) Facials and product knowledge are excellent. Katy (Fitness reception) is so helpful and professional. Plus having Mastia and Paul on board made it such fun. I have never laughed as much on a Bootcamp. Thank you very much everybody."
Angela | May 2022

"Suzie is an inspirational boot camp leader. She is very clear in her instructions and able to provide adaptations for all levels of fitness. Her positive attitude and passion for functional fitness is infectious."
Helen & Phoebe | May 2022

"Susie did a good job coordinating the programme and responded well to suggested amendments to schedule. I was also impressed with the fitness team who fed in well to the programme and were always helpful and friendly. A well organised and well managed programme overall."
Deborah | May 2022