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Have a question about your visit or stay? Find useful information and advice about our resorts, city spas, treatments and products here.

We answer the most commonly asked questions, however, if our FAQs do not address your question, please feel free to contact reservations@champneys.com

Health resorts & spa hotels

Champneys Resorts & Hotels

What is the difference between a resort and a hotel?
Our four resorts, Tring, Forest Mere, Henlow and Springs, are health spas that focus entirely on health and wellbeing. Home to innovative world class treatments, cosy relaxation areas, show stopping swimming pools, high-tech thermal experiences, nutritionist approved menus, detox retreats and much more; our traditional spa retreats will nourish you from the inside out and bring you back to your best.

Our two luxury spa hotels, Eastwell Manor and Mottram Hall, feature elegant interiors, gourmet dining, glamorous bars with extensive cocktail and wine lists, afternoon tea, and a Champneys spa for that all important relaxation.

What time can I arrive? 
Depending on the package you have booked, arrival times can vary. Please do check your confirmation email, which should contain this information. For early arrivals, your room is not guaranteed to be ready until 3pm, however, until it is you can use the spa facilities and lockers. Please request your early arrivals upon booking and note that an additional charge will apply.

When do I have to pay for my reservation? 
Full payment is required upon booking for all Spa Days, Stays and Treatments. Additional charges at the Resort / Hotel will be taken on departure for additional purchases. Please ensure you bring a credit / debit card with you as you will be asked for a pre-authorisation on check in. All six of our properties are cashless and will require a card for any form of payment. Please note that separate terms for payment are available for group bookings of over 6 people.

What should I wear? 
A stay at Champneys is all about comfort, so wear something you feel happy to lounge around in, most people opt for leisure or gym wear. However, once you're in the resort towelling robes are provided for you to wear during the day, with many guests choosing to wear a swimsuit underneath. Towelling robes can be worn to breakfast and lunch, but smart/casual dress is required for your evening meal.

Flip flops are provided to all guests and are yours to keep, they are anti slip tested and certified. Given the higher risks that come with wet pool sides and spa areas we strongly recommend wearing you flip flops at all times other than when other footwear is more suitable e.g. in the gym, classes, walks. If you wish to visit the gym or attend fitness and relaxation classes, we suggest bringing two pairs of trainers; one for indoors and one for outdoors. For treatments it is normal to wear just your underwear. Your modesty is protected at all times. Please note, a deposit is held for the robe but is refunded when the robe is returned at the end of your stay.

Are mobile phones allowed? 
At Champneys we encourage complete relaxation and an opportunity to switch off from the everyday pressures – we therefore encourage limited mobile phone usage throughout the resort and spa areas. While we know you may want to capture memories of your time with us; please be mindful of those around you, ensuring they are not captured in your pictures or videos. We do enjoy seeing your shared pictures on social media (@champneysspa), so please snap away while respecting others privacy and peace.

All phone calls should please be taken away from other guests and not within any quiet areas.

Are children allowed? 
Over 16s only at Champneys Resorts.

Please note that both Eastwell Manor and Mottram Hall welcome children. Children aged 14 – 16 can have a treatment, however, they must be accompanied by a chaperone in the room. Over 16s do not require a chaperone. Swim times for children aged 3+ are available on the relevant destination page.

Are pets allowed?
Only Eastwell Manor has pet friendly rooms. Guide dogs and hearing dogs are allowed at all locations.
Is there anything going on in the evening? 
At our Resorts (Tring, Henlow, Forest Mere and Springs) talks on a variety of wellbeing subjects are held each evening, with music provided on select days. Alternatively, you can enjoy catching up with friends in one of the many lounge areas. At all of our resorts and hotels  you can enjoy our bars and extensive wine and cocktail menus. Only alcohol purchased at our locations can be consumed on site.  Bar opening times vary location to location and can be given on arrival. All staff that serve customers are trained to ‘think 25’ and in some circumstances you may be asked to provide acceptable ID when purchasing alcohol. We reserve the right to refuse service.

Do you do take group bookings?
Yes, for group bookings please email groupbookings@champneys.com, for over 10 guests email corporate.bookings@champneys.com. There is no limit of guests.

Does Champneys host meetings and events?
Yes, we do! Please contact corporate.bookings@champneys.com with your enquiry and a member of the team will be delighted to assist you.

Is Champneys suitable for solo travellers? 
Yes, Champneys resorts are the perfect place to escape to for some ‘me-time’. There are also lots of opportunities to meet other guests if you wish. In all our restaurants we have a 'Champneys Table' where you can sit and chat with other solo spa guests. Our group activity classes are also a great way to meet other guests, particularly the outdoor walks, garden tours and evening wellbeing presentations. 

Do you provide special offers?
To view and book our special offers, please visit the special offers page of our website.

Am I able leave a tip during my visit?
Yes. Our in-house teams work extremely hard to provide a relaxing and memorable spa experience.  If you would like to leave them a tip we add a £5 optional gratuity when settling your bill.

Do you have electric car charging points?
All of our Resorts and Hotels have electric charging points available. They are chargeable and the app needs to be downloaded in advance for payment to be made. You cannot currently reserve any of our charging points in advance. 

How can I change my booking? 
If you need to change an existing booking within our terms and conditions, please email reservations@champneys.com or call 0343 226 2222. Please refer to the T&Cs of your booking prior to contact.


For the best rates

Booking online

The quickest way to book with us is online. Our calendar will show you the best available rates and special offers. It’s worthwhile booking all aspects of your visit as far in advance as possible.

Our Reservations Team is available to assist with any additional enquiries, Champneys Return Vouchers, Partner bookings and Vitality bookings. Please email the team on reservations@champneys.com or call 0343 226 2222.

When I try to make a booking it says 'transaction declined' I'm sure I have sufficient funds in my bank, what should I do?  
Please make sure you are entering your billing address and account details exactly the same as they are recorded with your bank. If you encounter this problem multiple times, please call our Reservations Team on 0343 226 2222. or email reservations@champneys.com if out of hours.

I'm having trouble creating an account, it says I already have one, yet won't send me a new password?  
You may have a duplicate account, which means the system is unable to confirm the correct email address to send the new password to. Please email reservations@champneys.com.

Can I book spa treatments online?  
If you wish to book additional treatments, this can be done via the Champneys app or online. We encourage you to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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If your package contains inclusive treatments, these will be booked in for you by our Reservations Team. This is so we can ensure that our therapists’ appointment schedules are filled in efficiently and so that we can accommodate as many guests as possible. 

Can I book just a treatment? 
At our resorts, you can only book a treatment if you have already booked a spa day or a stay. At our city spas, Eastwell Manor and Mottram Hall you can book just treatments. Again, this can be done via the Champneys app.

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What are the opening hours to contact reservations, so I can book my spa break over the phone?
Reservations can be contacted by phone and email. Please check our contact page for the latest details. All our spa breaks can also be booked online.

Spa treatments


How do I find a full list of treatments available?
To view our treatments list, please visit the treatment section of our website.

How do I book additional treatments? 
The easiest way to book additional treatments is via the Champneys App, or online at champneys.com. Payment is required at the time of booking to guarantee and confirm your treatment/s. These treatments are then transferred to our system and confirmed back to you within 24 hrs.  Please note that if you are making a booking for within the next 24 hrs it is best to do this in person in the Resort or via our phone lines as we have limited late availability. 

When should I book my treatments? 
We advise that you book your treatments as far in advance as possible as treatments get booked up very quickly! The earlier you the book the better the availability of times and treatments. We recommend that additional treatments are booked at least 14 days before arrival - availability can be limited after this. Your treatment booking is secure once we receive full payment and a confirmation email has been sent out to you.

What times will my inclusive treatments be?
Should your package include treatments you will be given a schedule on arrival that will confirm all of your treatment times. If you wish to change times after arriving, please speak to the Treatments desk – we will try to accommodate although during busy times this may not be possible.

Can I change inclusive treatments if not suitable due to medial conditions? 
Yes, at the resort's discretion.

Can I upgrade my inclusive treatments? 
If you wish to upgrade a 20-minute inclusive treatment (included in your package) to a 50-minute (or longer) treatment from our list, we are happy to arrange this for you (subject to availability). There is no limit on the number of 20-minute treatments you can upgrade but the offer is on a one-for-one basis. The price difference will be payable. Please note, treatments are not transferable between guests. Only applies to 20-minute treatments and inclusive treatments are non-refundable.

If I miss or cancel my treatment, will I be charged?  
If you are unable to attend your treatment or if you need to cancel your treatment, please contact us as soon as possible. A fee may be charged for cancelations and no shows as set out in our terms and conditions.

What are contra indications? 
Contra indications are health reasons why a therapist may not treat a client, you can find these on our website treatment pages. For example: High/low blood pressure, cancer during active treatment, circulatory problems, claustrophobia, diabetes, epilepsy, heart conditions etc.

Facilities & activities

Fitness classes

What fitness facilities and activities do you have?
All the resorts and hotels have a fully equipped gym, a swimming pool and a full schedule of fitness activities and classes, ranging from Pilates through to indoor cycling. Every day, we have up to approximately 20 different classes running.  We also offer Padel courts and equipment to hire and complimentary outdoor bikes to use at all Resorts subject to availability.

Can I book classes in advance? 
Yes. Guarantee your place in your favourite class by pre-booking online, via the Champneys app. You can also book via our Wellbeing and Fitness desks on the day subject to availability. Cancellation on the day and failing to show completely will result in the full charge per class for residential and day guests. For club members' booking terms and conditions, please see the members’ website or Wellbeing and Fitness desks.

Do I need to pay for a class? 
Yes.  Our fitness classes are chargeable and require full payment to attend unless specified otherwise. Classes start at £3 for 30 minutes up to £8+ for a masterclass or specialist class. Aqua classes, walks, virtual classes, gym intros & padel intros are free to attend. 

Do I need to attend the whole class?
Yes. The classes are designed to offer you a complete safe workout with a warm up and cool down to ensure you don’t suffer any injury. If you have injuries, medical problems or if you are pregnant, please let the Wellbeing & Fitness instructors know prior to the class or gym use. Participation in all activities is at your own risk. 

How do I become a club member?
To enquire about becoming a club member please visit the club membership section of the website.

Fitness retreats

Champneys Boot Camps

What time do I need to arrive? 
Please arrive for 11am for the welcome talk and tour followed by 11.45am for measurements with the Boot Camp Leader. Please come ready to exercise as there will be a pre-lunch walk before you sit down together at 1pm. Please note bedrooms are not guaranteed on day of arrival until 3pm.Your luggage will be stored and changing facilities provided until this time. 

What clothes will I need? 
You will be doing a lot of exercise so we suggest that you bring plenty of clothes, think general sportswear for inside and outside. We also recommend that you bring a waterproof – just in case it rains! You will need at least two pairs of trainers, one for indoor and one for outdoor use. Depending on the time of year, we’d advise you to bring gloves, a warm hat or sun hat. If you have them, a pair of walking boots would come in handy too. 

What if I feel my fitness isn't good enough? 
Do not worry! Our boot camps have been designed to suit all levels of fitness, shapes and sizes. 

Will we be eating together and where will it be? 
Everyone will eat together, including the instructors or a nutritionist who will be there to guide you and offer advice on how to maintain good eating habits when you are at home.

How intense are the Boot Camp packages? 
The instructors are there to help encourage, motivate and support everyone to achieve their best. We want to push you to your maximum ability and help you achieve the results you want; we also want you to enjoy yourselves and leave the camp feeling rejuvenated and motivated. The programme is designed so everyone can get the most out of it, and there are plenty of options for all abilities.

Are we obligated to join in with every class? What if we are too tired and can't do it anymore?
Obviously, we hope this won't happen and are confident that with the programme and the team spirit you will all enjoy the week and look forward to the challenge. Having said that, everyone will be treated as an individual and different circumstances will be taken into consideration. It is important to keep communicating with the team and the instructors to avoid this happening.

Will there be much free time? 
There will be a little free time available during the day due to the intensity of the programme. However, you do have some treatments included in your stay/day to help soothe those muscles after a day's exercise. Of course, you can always book additional treatments for an extra slice of pampering. 

What are the instructors like and how many are there? 
A Bootcamp leader will be dedicated to the group throughout your stay and will be there to help and support you and you will also come in to contact with many other instructors in order to give you as much variety as possible. All our instructors are highly qualified and extremely dedicated, as well as friendly and fun, and will be there to mentor you and encourage you throughout your stay. 

Will I lose weight? 
Champneys Boot Camp is a nutrition and exercise, science-based weight loss camp. We are confident that if you dedicate the right amount of effort and commitment, we can help you achieve the results. More importantly we hope you leave Champneys Boot Camp feeling fitter and more energised, with a greater knowledge that will allow you to continue a healthier and fitter lifestyle when you get home. 

Nutritious dining


Are all meals included in my package price? 
All our packages have a full list of inclusions when booking via the website or over the phone with the team. The meals included in your package will be advised prior to payment.

Dinner, breakfast and lunch is included in all overnight spa packages.

Lunch is included in all Day packages.

Meal times at Mottram Hall and Eastwell Manor are booked prior to arrival. Meal times at our Resorts are booked on arrival with our reception teams.

What time are the welcome refreshments available until for Day Guests?
Welcome refreshments are usually available until 10:30am for day guests, however this can vary from time to time. Please enquire directly with resort if you have any questions. 

Do you cater for special dietary requirements? 
With advanced notice, we cater for all dietary needs. For Kosher food 21 days’ notice is required, and a supplement charge will be needed.  

What kind of meals do you provide? 
Delicious, fresh and nutritious at our Resorts! Our chefs create good wholesome meals high in fibre and low in saturated fats, salts and sugar. Healthy snacks are available from the cafés during the day. At Eastwell Manor and Mottram Hall, you will find more indulgent menus, please contact in advance to view.

Is alcohol available? 
At Champneys Resorts (Henlow, Tring, Forest Mere and Springs), our goal is to bring our lifestyle, our programmes, and our philosophy into everyday living; alcohol in moderation will be part of that for many residents and day guests. For private receptions, alcohol can be served. At all of our resorts and hotels you can enjoy our bars and extensive wine and cocktail menus. Only alcohol purchased at our locations can be consumed on site.  Bar opening times vary location to location and can be given on arrival. All staff that serve customers are trained to ‘think 25’ and in some circumstances you may be asked to provide acceptable ID when purchasing alcohol. We reserve the right to refuse service.

High street spas

Champneys City Spas

When do you recommend that I book my treatments? 
At our City Spas, peak hours are often late afternoons and weekends, especially Saturdays. So, book as far in advance as possible to ensure getting the particular time, day, and therapist you prefer.

Can I choose my therapist? 
If you have a preferred therapist, please feel free to request that person, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Should I arrive earlier than my treatment time? 
We recommend you arrive at least five minutes prior to your appointment. If you are late, your treatment time cannot be extended beyond the original booking finish time, as the treatment room and therapist are generally booked after your session. 

Do I need to fill in a questionnaire? 
If this is your first visit to a Champneys city spa let the receptionist know when you arrive. First-time guests will be asked to complete a questionnaire to provide the spa with medical and contact information.

What should I wear? 
Most people come to a city spa in casual clothing, something they can easily slip off. If coming for a St Tropez spray tan remember to wear dark loose-fitting clothing. If you’re having a pedicure, flip-flops are a good idea.

Can I ask the therapist to adapt the treatment? 
All aspects of treatment can usually be modified to your taste: amount of light, kind of music (if any), room temperature and whether you choose to have a conversation or enjoy the treatment in silence. If you want the therapist to massage harder or to be gentler, let them know. 

If I have a medical condition, should I mention it to anyone? 
If you have any type of medical condition, be sure to mention it when you book an appointment. Certain treatments may not be advisable for you. Also, before your treatment begins let your therapist know of any medical concerns.

Do I at any point have to remove my clothes in front of anyone? 
It's never required that you are unclothed in front of anyone. Our therapists will leave the treatment room while you get under the sheet on the massage table, and they keep you covered at all times except for the area of the body they are massaging. They also leave the treatment room before you get up from the treatment bed.

Should I eat before a treatment? 
Try not to eat for at least an hour before a treatment and avoid the consumption of alcohol on the day of a treatment. Drink plenty of water before and after. 

Are children allowed? 
During your time with us, we want to concentrate on you. Therefore, we do not allow children under the age of 14 in our spas.

Do I have to remove all jewellery? 
If possible, leave your jewellery at home. If you choose to take them with you to your treatment, remember not to leave them behind. 

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment? 
If you must cancel an appointment, please give the spa as much advance notice as possible. At least 24 hours is required to avoid being charged.

Do Champneys City Spas have their own parking facilities? 
We don’t have our own parking facilities; however, all of our city spas are within walking distance from a public car park. 

Do I need to have a patch test prior to any treatments? 
You will need to have a patch test 24 hours prior to some of our treatments, this is stated on our website. The patch tests can be done at any time prior to the 24 hours, appointments for patch tests are not needed. 

Are there any age restrictions? 
We are able to offer treatments (excluding waxing and heat treatments) to 14-16 year olds. A parent/guardian must be present in the room/station at all times and must sign the consultation form on their behalf.

Monetary vouchers & experiences

Gift Vouchers

I've been given a Champneys gift card; how can I redeem this? 
Champneys gift cards can be used to buy products and treatments at our city spas, resorts and hotels and can also be used towards a spa day or break at our resorts and hotels.

To redeem gift cards on treatments and services at one of our resorts, a spa day or stay package must be purchased prior in order to book and attend the treatment (excluding Eastwell Manor and Mottram Hall).
You can redeem your gift card online at the bottom of the booking summary page before you proceed to payment. 

I've been given a Champneys gift voucher for a Champneys spa day or stay at one of your resorts and hotels. How can I book this?  
You can redeem your gift voucher online at the bottom of the booking summary page before you proceed to payment. 

Currently you are unable to use Champneys Gift Vouchers on our Online Product Shop.

Can I send a gift voucher to a postal address instead of via email?
Yes, if you choose to send a gift voucher to a postal address rather than an email address, then you will be charged a delivery fee of £2.00 which will be added to your bag and payable at checkout.

How do I book in my Return Voucher?
Our Returns Vouchers can be purchased via the Resort on the day of departure. They have a 6-month validity and then revert to the monetary value for a further 6 months before they are expired. Return Vouchers cannot be extended. To book, please email reservations@champneys.com or call 0343 226 2222.

Champneys products

Products & Online Shop

Where can I buy Champneys products? 
Our products are available to buy at Champneys city spas, resort and hotel boutiques, online at https://shop.champneys.com and at Boots.

I would like to contact someone about my product order for the online shop, what are your contact details?
Please email champneysonline@champneys.com 

Does your online shop ship internationally? 
Sorry, we only deliver to the United Kingdom. 

Are Champneys spa products tested on animals? 
None of our products have been tested on animals. We test each product on human volunteers. 

What are the blue beads in the shower gel, are they microbeads? 
We can confirm that we do not use microbeads in any of our products, the particles found are natural Jojoba beads. 

Can I use my Champneys gift card or voucher to buy products online?
Unfortunately our gift cards and vouchers cannot be redeemed online at present.

Champneys charitable foundation


Champneys Charitable Foundation particularly likes to support charities nominated by our guests and welcomes requests. Applications for grants can be made by email or in writing and will be discussed at the quarterly board meetings when trustees of the Charity decide how and who we can support.

We do also give Champneys guests the option of donating £2 when settling their bill - all money raised goes to Champneys Charitable Foundation.
For more information on our Champneys Charitable Foundation please visit: www.champneys.com/about/charity