One in seven couples in the UK has trouble conceiving and infertility is the most common reason for women aged 20 to 45 to see their GP, after pregnancy itself. Many consider IVF treatment, however, some couples prefer to try alternative approaches to optimise their fertility of which there are many options available.

Champneys Medical & ARGC

At Champneys Medical Tring we also work in association with The Assisted Reproduction and Gynaecology Centre (ARGC) for those considering IVF. The ARGC provide tailored care which is given precisely when it is needed, monitoring patients intensively, with daily blood tests and scans every other day, to pick the slightest changes which impact the choice of medications and timings of treatment.

Mr Mohamed Taranissi, world renowned IVF practitioner at the ARGC-London clinic, attracts a number of international patients based purely on reputation and recommendation. “I have wanted to extend ARGC’s reach for some time now. I am conscious many people cannot afford the time or expense of travelling to London for treatment and I know we could help many more couples if we could see them locally and at an earlier point in their fertility journey. This partnership will allow us to invest in the resources and infrastructure necessary to provide our unique service further afield.” 

Since its inception in 1995, the ARGC has achieved the highest success rates in the UK every year, as published by the government regulator, the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority [HFEA]. The success rate for straightforward cases who start their journey with ARGC is a phenomenal 84%. ARGC consistently averages twice the national success rate every year.

Trying to become pregnant can be very stressful, both physically and emotionally. Champneys Tring provides an ideal, stress-free environment where you can relax before and after treatment. Enjoy the pool and spa, join many fitness and relaxation classes and enjoy fresh, nutritious food. Alternatively, if you are undergoing intensive treatment with ARGC involving daily blood tests and monitoring, book your treatment sessions at our outpatients clinic for convenience and at no additional charge or maintain a stress free environment by including your treatment within a Champneys day or residential break. 

In the near future we hope to offer the above fertility services at all four Champneys Resorts.

Next steps:
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