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Juice Cleanse

with PRESS Healthfoods

From time to time, it's good to give your body a rest from an unhealthy diet and the stresses of everyday life.

A juice cleanse is designed to nourish your body with all the essential nutrients you need and allow your digestive system to have a break. It's one simple way to take small steps towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

We've teamed up with PRESS Healthfoods to bring two levels of juice cleanses to our spa resorts, helping you get back on track with your diet.

Juice cleansing is a good way to:
•  Give your digestive system a break from dairy and refined sugars
•  Flood your body with easily absorbed vitamins and nutrients
•  Kickstart your body detox process and reduce bloating
•  Increase energy levels
•  Improve your sleep quality and skin clarity

About PRESS Healthfoods

PRESS Healthfoods is dedicated to 100% plant-based quality nutrition to help people live happier, more balanced lives.

Sourcing the highest quality fruit and veg from G.A.P. global certified farms, including the 'wonky' ones, they ensure delivery of consistent, quality products that are safe, ethically sourced and set the standard for environmentally conscious farming practices.

We're delighted to bring our guests an exclusive 15% discount on juices direct from PRESS. Please use code CHAMPNEYS15 on orders on their site.


How does it work?

Joining us at Tring, Forest Mere, Henlow Grange or Springs for either a spa day or stay means you can take part in our 1- or 2-day juice cleanses.
Spa days
Your cleanse will begin as soon as you arrive at 9am, meaning you'll enjoy a juice every two hours until you depart.

1-night spa break
Choose a 1-day cleanse on booking. This will begin once you arrive at 2pm and lead into the next day.

2-night spa break
You have the choice of a 2-day cleanse, which will run for the entirety of your stay, or a 1-day cleanse, which you may either begin on arrival or in the morning after your first night.

The juices
You will receive eight fresh juices to consume each day that we recommend drinkings every two hours. These super tasty juices are packed with up to half a kilo of fruits and vegetables and they will replace your solid foods during the duration of your cleanse.

Discover cleanse
If this is your first time, then this is the juice cleanse for you. A balanced combination of nutrient-packed greens, energising fruit and vegetable juices, and nourishing m*lkshakes to help eliminate cravings and kickstart healthy weight-loss.

Ultimate cleanse
A no-nonsense programme for the gurus of the cleanse world. You’ll sip your way through eight cold-pressed juices per day, featuring the vitamin-packed Daily Celery, smoothies and a few of our favourite juices. You’ll feel energised and less bloated, with improved sleep and skin quality to match.

Standard inclusions

Featured in both juice cleanses
Branded Champneys cool bag, containing:
  • Easy Green Juice 250ml
  • Lean Green Juice 250ml
  • Morning Greens Smoothie 250ml
  • Clean Carrot Juice 250ml

Discovery cleanse

Standard juices, plus:
  • Vitamin D Shot 60ml
  • Banana M*lkshake 250ml
  • Strawberry M*lkshake 250ml
  • Triple Berry Smoothie 250ml

Ultimate cleanse

Standard juices, plus:
  • Ginger Hot Shot 60ml
  • Golden Glow Smoothie 250ml
  • Daily Celery Juice 250ml
  • Clean Beet Juice 250ml

How to book

When booking your spa day or stay online, pre-order your juices in the "Enhance your stay" section under "Precious little extras". Alternatively, add your cleanse on to your booking with our reservations team.

If you have already booked your spa day or stay and would like to add one of our cleanses to your booking, please call 0343 226 2222 or email

Your cool bag will be given to you upon check-in.

You can also purchase individual juices from our spa café once you arrive.

Tring, Forest Mere, Henlow Grange and Springs only
Must be booked for all guests on booking

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