9 Nights | Tring | £POA

Reclaim You


Reclaim You is a 10-day QLP addictions and mental health wellbeing retreat with MASTERMIND2.0, who provide high-end, personalised, holistic programmes for those who want to make profound changes in their lives.
They accept only 1 client, 1 couple or 1 family at a time into our programmes. In other words, there is only you in the programme and nobody else.


MASTERMIND2.0 are experts in treating addictions and mental health issues such as depression, food & weight management issues, anxiety, social phobias, relationship & marital challenges, work-life balance issues and burn-out.

Retreat inclusions

How does it work?

MASTERMIND2.0 work on underlying issues, root causes, unresolved trauma and explore all areas of your life for effective treatment. Visit their website for more information: www.addictions-mastermind.com.
They use a holistic approach with a wide range of interventions and approaches such as CBT, CET, psychoanalytic and systemic approaches, gestalt therapy, solution focused therapy and relapse prevention skills among others.

It is intensive, with a 10+ hours daily schedule, and highly effective due the individual approach giving you 100% of their undivided attention.
MASTERMIND2.0 have successfully helped many clients with our 10-day programmes. Some had a long history of depression, anxiety and others with addictions and been in and out of treatment programmes.

Prices are available upon request. Cost will vary depending on your needs and circumstances, whether you chose add-ons, and type of accommodation. Furthermore, it depends also, whether you need 1 or 2 therapists to be involved. Even at the last moment you can decide to stay 1 or 2 extra weeks.

Standard inclusions

Reclaim You inclusions:
  • Arrival 3pm
  • Standard accommodation
  • Three meals daily
  • Use of spa facilities
  • Access to the full range of Champneys fitness classes (additional charges apply)
  • A fluffy robe to wear during your visit, Champneys flip flops and tote to keep
  • Depart 4pm (room by 11am)

Retreat inclusions

Daily schedule
Daily 10+ hour schedule is intensive and adaptable to your changing needs and circumstances:
  • Therapy-On-The-Go: Informal and casual meetings throughout the day
  • Formal and structured meetings: 2-3 daily, each lasting up to 2 hours (during these meetings you will explore in-depth the presenting problem, underlying and core issues, unresolved trauma, relationships, work-life balance and lifestyle)
  • Daily spa treatments
  • Daily Exercise and gym classes
  • Complimentary therapies
  • Aftercare (20 online sessions)

Month-long retreat

QLP programme
You can also choose to immerse yourself into MASTERMIND2.0's month-long QLP programme.
  • Details are available on request

Dates & locations

10 nights | Tring, Hertfordshire

Start of 10-day programme: Arrival every Friday, departure 10-day programme Sunday. Dates are flexible. Get in touch below to arrange your retreat.

How to book

For bookings and more information please contact info@wellbeing-mastermind.com

Retreat terms & conditions

There is a minimum number of people required for the break to run. Breaks will be cancelled if numbers are insufficient two weeks before the start of the break.

Retreat sold out?

If you find the retreat you were looking for is sold out or your preferred room type is not available, please email cer@champneys.com and include the title and date of the retreat you would like to book.

Alternatively, please call us on 0343 210 1939. We often have reserved spaces available, which do not appear on the website.