1 Day | Tring | From £275pp

Breaststroke Workshop

with Art of Swimming

This day is for anyone who can swim or glide with their face in the water and wishes to develop a graceful and flowing style of breaststroke. NB. Anyone suffering from serious knee problems should seek professional advice before considering choosing the breaststroke course. Our aim is to show you how to perfect this elegant stroke and, enable you to take full advantage of its health benefits.
By the end of the day you will be efficient in:
•    Maintaining a healthy head/neck/back alignment during all phases of the stroke,
•    Establishing proper timing and co-ordination leading to easy breathing and a relaxed glide,
•    Developing a symmetrical leg action thereby preventing a twist of the spine,
•    Gaining maximum propulsion from the arm and leg action, and
•    Discovering how a long glide is at the heart of the stroke, allowing time to release the breath and lengthen and widen the back.

Breaststroke is easy to swim but hard to swim well. When swum well it improves the mobility of the neck, shoulders, wrists, spine, hips, knees and ankles; strengthens and tones the quadriceps at the front of the legs and the hamstrings at the back. Despite being the slowest stroke, it burns the most calories.

How does it work?

1 Day Retreat Inclusions

Standard inclusions

Art of swimming
Champneys foundations:
  • Arrival from 9am
  • Healthy lunch
  • Up to 20 additional Champneys fitness classes per day
  • Use of Champneys facilities
  • Option to add spa treatments
  • A fluffy robe to wear during your visit, Champneys flip flops and tote to keep
  • Depart Champneys (6pm)

Retreat inclusions

From £275pp
2-night inclusions, plus:
  • 2 group pool sessions
  • 2 group dryland practice sessions
  • Video Feedback

Dates & locations

1 day | Tring, Hertfordshire

Sunday, 13th March 2022

Book now

To book, please get in touch with the 'Art of Swimming' team

Email janet@shawmethod.com or call 07947 398982

Retreat terms & conditions

There is a minimum number of people required for the break to run. Breaks will be cancelled if numbers are insufficient two weeks before the start of the break.

Retreat sold out?

If you find the retreat you were looking for is sold out or your preferred room type is not available, please email cer@champneys.com and include the title and date of the retreat you would like to book.

Alternatively, please call us on 0343 210 1939. We often have reserved spaces available, which do not appear on the website.

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