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"I threw myself, heart & soul, into this bootcamp and I definitely saw really great results. If I can take a quarter of what I learnt and enjoyed from here into my daily life I will I will be on the road to a new me very soon. Thank you, Craig, our bootcamp leader, for a brilliant time." Janice, Nov 2020.

"Thank you so much for all the education given during Bootcamp. It wasn’t just about doing but learning as well! The two most impressive things for me were the staff and the food. Having a whole week where absolutely delicious, varied, nutritious food was demonstrated been the best possible thing for me. I've been experimenting afresh with both your recipes and some I'm conjuring out of thin air. Even my children will now happily eat chickpea curry! I could wax lyrical for ages on the wonderful fresh start that I'd hoped for. Thank you." Helen, Feb 2020.

"I return to bootcamps mainly because of Susie, the bootcamp leader, and her inspirational and encouraging coaching style. She is very friendly yet professional, and is very passionate about what she does. She is very inspirational for all us boot campers." Patricia, Dec 2019.


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New bookings during unprecedented demand

With summer dates in high demand, we are working as hard as possible to get back to your queries. Please refer to our FAQs for any queries.

New  bookings
Please note, with the exception of Vitality Reward and Champneys Loyalty voucher redemption, new bookings may only be made online at this time.