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*Prices shown for stays are per person based on two people sharing while prices for days are per person.

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Resort Spa Booking
Resort Spa Booking

How to Book with Champneys

We want to make the process of making your booking as easy as possible, so follow our directions to check in and out with minimal fuss.

Not sure which spa resort takes your fancy? Check out our individual resort pages to find out more about each location and their prices. At out resorts you can truly kick back and relax with a choice of spa days, spa breaks and spa retreats - which will you choose?

If you would simply like to book a treatment without a spa day or stay, take a look at our City Spa section where you will find information about our six beauty salon locations, treatments, packages and offers. 

Ready to book? Use our booking calendar to find a spa package that suits you. 

Simply select your location and preferred dates and choose whether you’ll be visiting for the day or staying overnight – or longer. We know that our guests are different; some want non-stop pampering while others simply want to sweat it out in the fitness suite and health spa.
Once you're set, you'll  discover all the wonderful inclusives at your chosen resort, in a spa day or stay, as well as a wide selection of pampering packages to suit all your needs. 
Booking a spa break at Champneys is simple; your stress free journey starts here.