Start Your Engines

Auto Vivendi is the world’s largest private members’ supercar club, whereby members receive use of a collection of the world’s best supercars in return for an annual membership fee.
Champneys Mottram Hall is the Cheshire home of Auto Vivendi’s exclusive supercar club, which has been operating in London since 2005. 

Supercar Drive Days

What better way to indulge the people important to you, or simply hone your own on-road awareness and driving skills, than on an Auto Vivendi Supercar Drive Day.
Experience a day driving one of the world’s finest brand new supercars, or multiple cars on group days, accompanied by an experienced instructor throughout the day.

Participants will drive approximately 150 miles on country roads with one-on-one tuition and guidance, to help develop and improve their driving skills, awareness and knowledge.

Combined with lunch and/or a celebration dinner, Auto Vivendi Supercar Drive Days are an exciting way to help participants make everyday driving safer and all the more engaging and enjoyable.

Available for one person or groups of up to 20. Various dates and driving routes are available by prior appointment.

Exclusive Champneys Membership Offer

Guests and club members who join Auto Vivendi, will not only have access to a collection of the world’s best supercars and a mouthwatering array of adrenaline-fuelled events & experiences, but will also receive the following benefits:
•    Fast-track membership approval process (subject to normal criteria)
•    Behind-the-scenes tour of the Aston Martin factory
•    Guest admittance for Auto Vivendi Clubhouse parties and other complimentary social occasions
•    Membership to exclusive private members’ lounge and rooftop bar, Club Brass at Hotel Gotham

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