Champneys Green Goddess Smoothie
Champneys Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe


  • 25g Broccoli
  • 25g Mango
  • 25g Pineapple
  • 25g Banana
  • 25g Spinach
  • 25g Celery
  • 200ml Apple Juice

METHOD: Blend the broccoli, mango, pineapple, banana, spinach, celery together. Once blended add the apple juice. 

TIP: Add a few ice cubes to your blender if using fresh fruit and veg so your smoothie comes out chilled.

Pineapple contains a natural digestive enzyme bromelain that helps break down protein. This is good to help digest all the meat consumed over the festive period. Celery protects against inflammation in the digestive tract (associated to cramps and pains linked to IBS). The Green Goddess recipe is rich in antioxidants to protect against cellular damage from free radicals within our digestive tract, and the fruits and vegetables within it are a rich source of soluble fibre which soothes our digestive system and encourages effective bowel function and toxin elimination. Fibres in mango encourage healthy bacterial balance in the gut which can help reduce bloating and support immune function. Bananas are easy on digestion and contain prebiotics which feed and support the ‘friendly’ probiotic bacteria within our gut.