Champneys Food Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple; at Champneys, it’s all about healthy, delicious and beautiful food. Steering away from all the fads and fallacies, we keep things honest and enjoyable. Bound by a commitment to the finest produce and seasonal ingredients, we strive for innovation, high quality service and memorable dining experiences.

We celebrate British heritage and embrace international influence; our menus are carefully crafted to encourage guests to make healthy sensible choices – choices that suit their specific needs. We consider dietary requirements, health conditions, religious beliefs, intolerances and allergies – providing nutritional information wherever possible.

Working to the principles of moderation, balance and variety, our chefs and nutritionists aim to educate and empower. When guests leave our resorts we want them to be in a position to manage their own diet and healthy eating habits beyond their stay.

We believe that wellness begins from within. Merging healthy eating with healthy living is a way of life at Champneys. A delight to the senses, our food is part of the experience – like a pampering treat, it serves as a reward. With diet and nutrition in our heart, we invite you to dine with us.

Beauty on a plate
Helping you achieve a balanced and nutritious diet
Individuals differ in how much food they need, but proportions of food from the different groups should stay the same. Our plates are marked to guide guests towards a healthy, balanced diet. Sections include Essential Fats (think walnuts and flaxseed oil), Fibre-Rich Carbohydrates (wholemeal pasta, brown rice and sweet potato), Healthy Protein (oily fish, lean meat and pulses) and Non-Starchy Vegetables (asparagus, beetroot, baby corn, broccoli and mixed peppers).
Light Diet Menu
Weight Management doesn’t have to mean deprivation.
Our specialist Light Diet retreats reflect the core principles of our nutrition philosophy but are tailored to those with weight loss goals. Nutrient dense rather than energy dense, low in calories (1200 kcal across 3 meals) but high in taste. Retaining the luxury, variety and excitement of Champneys food, our menus are expertly designed by our Nutritionists to make your weight loss journey both rewarding and enjoyable.
Food & Nutrition
Helping you achieve a balanced and nutritious diet
Catering to every need, we have an extensive range of services and expert support at your disposal. From DNA diet testing, weight management MOT, Cholesterol screening, digestive health testing, vitamin and mineral check which uses bio-energetics testing. We also offer food sensitivity screening methods. You can also take advantage of our dietary support a home.
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Treats for every taste
It's all about balance
At Champneys, we believe in a little bit of what you fancy. So, whilst our experts take care of ensuring our meals are nutritionally balanced and make the best of what the season has to offer, we also cater for those little moments of indulgence. Be it a glass of wine on the terrace or a sumptuous afternoon tea there’s a treat to suit every taste.
From the Experts
From the Experts

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