Personal Training Success Story

Personal Training at Champneys is far from ‘just a sweat’ session in the gym. Our Trainers will personalise each session to work best with your body, your lifestyle, and your terms. Read on for one of our many success stories. Remember we can help you train SMART. 

Club member Kate Bowder reveals how she dropped two dress sizes with help from personal training sessions at Champneys Tring.

'Following a recurring problem with one of my knees and a broken foot the weight slowly crept on - I tried to manage my own weight loss through exercise and diet.  However, it was clear I was doing something wrong.

I decided to embark on an intensive fitness programme with a personal trainer, Gaston.  I had two training sessions with Gaston a week for four months.  He helped me to build muscle, increase my metabolism, improve my posture and lose 4kg of fat.  My BMI is now normal, I have toned up, dropped a dress size and feel fantastic! To top it all my knee is now pain free and I am running again which is something I never thought I would be able to do.  The programme was incredibly tough at times but Gaston always listened, never asked my body to do more than it was capable of and made sure I was always smiling afterwards.  We also discussed nutrition in order to support my efforts in the gym.

The journey is not over - I have a little more weight to loose and I want to build on the level of fitness I have gained. I look forward to continuing to work with Gaston he has given me the most incredible support - I really would not have been managed such a huge achievement without him.'