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"I joined Champneys in Sept 2021, ten weeks after half knee replacement surgery in early July. My aim was to get my knee back to full strength to be able to ski, play tennis and cycle. Tragically just four weeks after my surgery my husband of 38 years died suddenly, so alongside my need to get back to full fitness I was also dealing with intense grief and loss.


My membership has helped me in so many ways. Initially working with James (who is brilliant!) a couple of times a week I was back on skis by March 2022. I am back playing tennis, even singles which I had to give up some while ago and in 2024 I am planning a charity bike ride in Vietnam and Cambodia.


Fitness isn't the whole story though. As I've navigated the two years' since my husband's death I have used my membership as therapy and spent many an evening and day enjoying the calmness and serenity of Champneys. Appreciation of the spa areas and gardens never wears off and I have Champneys to thank for supporting my wellbeing as I begin to build a new life."





"Having joined a couple of weeks ago, I have made the most of the opportunity to take some me time. The excellent spa and surrounding health and wellness facilities have helped me tune into myself a little better. I have found myself spending lots of time being present, reading books and enjoying my own company, which I haven’t had much of an opportunity to do recently."





"When I first joined Champneys my intention was just to use the Spa facilities for relaxation, but speaking to the wellbeing team got me to realise that a healthy lifestyle and losing weight would really benefit me.


In 2021, I commenced a journey of healthy eating and exercise using the facilities offered at Champneys. Since then I have continued with my new lifestyle and have now lost 5 stone 9lb.


I am continuing and my target is 6 st 7 lb. I will get there!"






"I joined Champneys in February 2019, following a challenging couple of years I was determined to find my old self and regain my strength and confidence. Fitness & health has always been at the forefront of my life, gym, walking our dogs, running, cycling, riding my horses, my TempleSpa skincare business... always active.


Surgery took place on 1st April 2017; they removed the lymph node on the right side of my neck and my tonsils ... I had an impressive scar, running from the back of my neck to the middle of my throat . Then radiotherapy every day for 8 weeks, the impact of this meant that I lost the saliva gland on my right side & my taste buds. I also lost a considerable amount of hair. The longer lasting impact being that I would no longer able to swallow certain foods or tolerate eating foods that had previously been a favourite . It took a lot of adjusting and needless to say I lost about 3 stone in weight, at my lowest point I was 66kg which is not great for someone that is 5'10 .


Managing my weight became an issue and I hated the fact that I was no longer strong.. I not only looked weak, I felt weak, doing daily jobs was hard and riding my beloved horses was something I just didn't have the energy for. 


I set off on a mission to regain my strength and fitness, joining Champneys has been integral to me regaining my strength, fitness & confidence. We live very locally to Champneys Tring so I am able to enjoy visiting on a daily basis and with the support of the fitness team I have been able to achieve my goals. Last year I was able to take part in a cycle training camp in Lanzarote that I had last enjoyed in 2016. Using the Peleton and HIIT Studio I was able to train effectively and achieved around 80km a day every day for 5 days.


Managing my nutrition is challenging as I am limited to certain foods and when things taste different finding your appetite is difficult. It is 6 years since my diagnosis and it has been a long road to recovery, as along with managing the implications of my surgery and radiotherapy there is the added fun and games of managing peri-menopause ... the fun just doesn't stop!  I am getting there."





"My journey with Tring Champneys began in 2015 when I became a member. Since joining, I've embarked on an incredible personal journey. Initially, I joined alongside a friend and cherished our time there from the start. While my friend had to discontinue her membership, my attachment to Tring Champneys was so strong that I chose to stay instead of seeking alternatives. After my first year. I renewed my membership with another fellow member and to this day, I continue to relish my visits and look forward to coming to Champneys.


When I began my fitness journey, like many others, my primary focus was on shedding weight and getting into shape. Initially, I didn't fully consider the holistic well-being aspect of Champneys. It was only later that I began to appreciate that dimension. When the pandemic struck, I sorely missed the classes and the overall Champneys experience. To bridge this gap, I made the most of the online classes, incorporating a daily workout before starting my day. This routine wasn't just about fitness, it also significantly contributed to my mental wellbeing. The challenge posed by the pandemic had taken a toll on my mental health, and exercise became a vital tool in managing that.


The reopening of Champneys was a very welcome return to my life. I wasted no time in returning as soon as the doors were open. My affinity for Champneys goes beyond fitness, it encompasses wonderful staff and fellow members. The fitness team, in particular, has consistently been exceptionally friendly and supportive. Over the years, I've witnessed staff changes, some departing and returning, yet the politeness and helpfulness have remained unwavering. My Champneys journey has also resulted in meaningful friendships and opportunities to meet new members.


In March 2021, I faced the loss of my mother, a period during which my focus wavered. It was during this challenging time that I truly began to appreciate the holistic wellbeing offerings of Champneys. Spending time in the serene environment and making use of the spa facilities, along with participating in Yoga classes, provided me with the space to care for myself and find peace.


Continuing on my Champneys journey, my hope is to remain a part of this wonderful community for as long as possible, savoring all it has to offer."





"I have been a member of Champneys now for over 15 years. I joined with the encouragement of my mum who has now been a member for 35 years!


Champneys is my spiritual home: I come here almost every day to escape the hustle of town life and to get away from stresses of modern life. It has transformed my fitness and I have got to meet many wonderful people."





"I joined Champneys in February this year and it really has been life-changing! My evening membership included a free nutritional session with Mary and after thinking there was nothing wrong with me, I realised that I had just got used to feeling tired all the time and Mary pointed out that my digestive problems (IBS) were probably due to either food intolerances or allergies. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting quite the number of allergies I've ended up having, but I have pretty much stuck to my new diet (cutting out most of my previous staple foods) and I am taking the recommended vitamins. This has massively turned things around for me. I no longer feel the tiredness which was making me fall asleep in the middle of the day; I shifted just over half a stone in weight - which I’d been trying to lose for months; a lot of my peri-menopausal symptoms have vanished and the best thing of all is that my digestive problems have disappeared. I have so much more energy now and my mood has greatly improved.


A recent shoulder injury prompted me to book a movement screening with James which then turned into 3x 1:1 PT sessions. James has really helped me to try and strengthen my shoulder muscles in response to the injury and showed me how to do this in the gym and in the pool - he’s been brilliant. Following this, I visited my chiropractor and she confirmed that I have injured my rotator cuff. I had really lost confidence in using my shoulder, but through James’ help, I have really seen an improvement in a short space of time which is great and he often checks in with me to see how it’s all going. This week, I have booked my first yoga session for a while to see how my shoulder holds out…


I have absolutely loved spending time at Champneys; whatever happens in my day my mood is always lifted when I leave the building after a workout."





"I have been a member at Champneys for several years and have had the opportunity to participate in many different types of classes that otherwise I would never have tried. There have been many great instructors, who I have been lucky enough to have had teach me all that they know about great exercise. In doing so I have been able to realise what makes a brilliant teacher and a successful class and how this has the best outcome for me allowing me to become a stronger participant and to achieve my personal goal for continued health both mentally and physically.


Along the way I have met many fabulous people with similar goals to mine, and over the years have become friends. When there is any spare time we have met up for coffee or a smoothie and a had time for chat which is always something to look forward to.


Recently, when my daughter was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease, I found the staff and friends at Champneys extremely supportive in a way that I didn’t expect them to be. During this time, I believe that if Champneys wasn’t a part of my life, I would have found it much more difficult to get through the days and difficult moments. I believe that I have travelled along a difficult time of my life with Champneys as a huge support and an invaluable resource. I would be in a different place without it.


I am grateful that Champneys has stayed true to itself as a health spa and has a style of its own. Particularly, the current yoga teachers whom I consider, the strongest part of the fitness team, offering the best of yoga and in the true genuine style of Champneys- like no other place."





"I joined Champneys almost 2 years ago on a partner membership with my mum. I had essentially never set foot in a gym before and was really self-conscious. I started out only going to aqua and hiding in the back. As part of joining, I had a younique PT session with Ellen. I then booked a further 3 PTs with her and almost 2 years later she is still my PT. Ellen helped me lose weight and gain confidence and now I go to all sorts of classes- you'll even find me in the front row for some.


Alongside the health benefits, I found my membership came with a huge social and wellbeing benefit. It's a rare occasion to walk down the corridor without someone saying hello and stopping for a chat. The community of evening members is so welcoming and friendly. Not to mention the opportunity to just have a spa session with my mum is often invaluable after both our busy days or week at work."



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