To prepare your body and mind and maximise your success, you may wish to start making some gradual adjustments to your diet and lifestyle ahead of your Boot Camp experience.

In the 3-4 weeks prior to your arrival,  reducing your reliance on stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and sugar can really help to kick start the benefits. Ridding your body of such energy zapping 'anti-nutrients' will help you to feel awakened and motivated, arriving at Champneys ready for the challenges of Boot Camp.

If your pre Boot Camp lifestyle involves a heavy reliance on such stimulants and you try to go ‘cold turkey’ when you get here, this could potentially leave you feeling unwell during your stay. Whilst reducing stimulants you should also work to increase your hydration by gradually introducing more water and herbal / fruit teas each day. Working up to an intake of at least 2 litres a day over the weeks before your Boot Camp is ideal.

Wean down added sugar in teas and coffees etc. but also become more aware of your hidden sugar intake. Keep an eye on labels whilst shopping as certain foods, even those marketed to be ‘healthy’ can have surprising and alarming sugar levels. Yoghurts, breakfast cereals, juice drinks, salad dressings, pasta sauces and tinned soups can be some of the worst culprits. A low sugar food contains less than 5g of sugar per 100g, a high sugar food contains 15g or above per 100g. Try to increase your fibre intake by switching from ‘white’ to wholegrain versions of bread, pasta, rice and cereals and make a conscious effort to achieve AT LEAST 5 daily portions of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Pay particular attention to raising your intake of dark green leaves and dark coloured berries which may boost your antioxidant defences against damaging free radicals, produced as a by-product of high intensity exercise. Prepare and care for your joints the best you can ahead of Boot Camp to reduce any risk of injury. Ensure a good intake of omega 3 essential fats from oily fish, walnuts and pumpkin seeds and support muscular recovery and adaptation through a positive and steady supply of healthy proteins.

Reducing reliance on processed red meat and dairy and boosting plant proteins (beans, lentils, tofu) in their place may provide anti-inflammatory support and lessen aches and pains! A bit of planning and prior preparation really can transform your Boot Camp experience and help extend the benefits to far beyond your time with us.