New Menu For 2019

Our well-established luxury boot camps have had a spruce up for the New Year. Delicious and nutritious new menu items are based on current healthy food trends and an increased focus on plant based diets.

Examples include:
Chickpea chocolate spread
Low carb, high protein edamame and cashew shirataki Pad Thai
Sticky date and tamarind coconut ice cream

Boot camp meals and snacks are specially designed to help regulate appetite, curb cravings, promote healthy body composition and support the demands of the daily activity schedules. These new additions will make meal times even more exciting and rewarding all whilst helping to keep you on track towards your personal nutrition and health goals.

Our educational seminars with our in house experts have had some updates based on cutting edge research to now include topics like the gut microbiome, appetite hormones and the importance of metabolic markers.

We have also introduced a new interactive session where you need to put your knowledge to the test and ''create your own plate'' all under the guidance of our expert Nutritionists.