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Champneys Boot Camp
At Champneys, we understand that physical fitness isn’t just about working up a sweat; it’s also about education, nutrition and making positive lifestyle changes.
Champneys Boot Camp

It’s the individual approach that makes a difference; whatever your age or level of fitness, we have something for everyone, whether you choose a seven night or a weekend boot camp package. Our boot camps are the perfect opportunity for individuals to get back into a sustainable fitness regime that you can maintain afterwards. 

Or, if you already take part in fitness activities, we can cater your boot camp experience with us to a level that suits you, optimising your goals to achieve even better results. 

With a high number of returning boot camp guests, our reputation stretches far and wide and, with the help of our highly qualified and professional personal trainers, you will be in safe hands every step of the way. 

A Champneys Boot Camp is an invigorating and effective way to get fit, shape up and slim down. Find out more information about Boot Camps in our FAQs.

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Achieving your desired goals in a timescale that suits you
We want to make sure that your hard work pays off when taking part in any of our boot camps. That’s why we will always make sure you are happy and comfortable, not pushing you further than your physical and mental limit, but near enough for you to see a difference.
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Shed the pounds, make new friends and enjoy the start of your fitness journey with our range of weight loss boot camps. Our dedicated team of experts will guide you in meeting your fitness goals through a collection of fun indoor and outdoor activities, team games, intensive weight-loss programmes, health monitoring and delicious, healthy menus.
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