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Top ten mother and daughter activities for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show your mum just how much you appreciate her and all she has done for you over the years, however make this mother’s day really special by trying something new together and building new memories.
Here at Champneys HQ we have compiled a list of the top ten activities you and your mother can do this Mother’s Day.
Enter an event together

Training and fundraising for a charity run together is a great way to bond and encourage each other to a shared goal. Pick an event and charity that you both feel an affinity for, plan your training schedules together and keep each other updated on your progress.

The actual experience of running together is really cathartic and is a great time to inspire and share with each other. Just a Colorado Gal ran a half marathon with her mother and loved every minute:

“We continued jogging, enjoying the beautiful mountains around us. The day was stunning with bright sun, minimal wind and gorgeous scenery. It really couldn’t have been any more perfect for a jog! We caught up on life, I filled her in on the details of our wedding planning and she gave me a quasi-review regarding my performance at work {since she is technically my boss}. In short, we enjoyed some mother-daughter bonding time that we don’t get too frequently. Before I knew it, we were approaching the aid station for the halfway point: 10k down, another ~7 miles to go!”

Enjoy a spa treatment together

This is a great bonding experience especially if you have a sister. Spending a day in a thoroughly relaxing spa environment will help erase daily cares and let you cherish the time you spend together.  Enjoy a mother and daughter spa day at one of our resort spas and immerse yourselves in the Head in the Clouds scalp neck and shoulder massage with our skilled therapists.

City break for two

Explore a new city with your mum and explore each other’s interests and passions together. Whether you choose to explore a UK hub or go further afield with a weekend in one of Europe’s principle cities, you are sure to have a great experience in museums, restaurants and seeing the sights.

Multi-generational cooking classes

Learning a new skill is always fun, but sharing the experience with a parent will make it both more enjoyable and a great memory to treasure. Whether you want to try out a new cuisine or fine tune family favourites, it is great fun.

Fair Cake is a modern cake baking and decorating school based in London and is great if you want to try your hand at show stopping baked goods or perfect your icing skills.

Mother daughter photo-shoot

What better way to capture the special mother daughter bond than immortalise it with a photograph? A special shoot dedicated to just the two of you (or more if you have sisters) is a wonderful keepsake that you can each take home.

Kate Sharp Photography loves mother and daughter shoots as she feels mum’s don’t get out in front of the camera enough:

“I have been a photographer for seven years and I have heard every excuse as to why someone should not be photographed and it’s always Mum – “no, not me, just the children”.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re at, physically, whether you’re tired, or think you need to lose those “few pounds”. Your children think you’re perfect. Exist in photographs for you, your children and for the people who love you.

“After years of capturing memories for people, I know that there’s no money in this world that will ever equal the value of the memories that you create that will last a lifetime.”

A theatre trip

Going to see a family classic in all its theatrical glory is a wonderful trip down memory lane with the freshness of a new experience. Whether you choose to go to the West end or see something more locally, you cannot beat the thrill of a live performance.

Whether you choose to go see Roald Dahl’s Matilda for a magical evening or something that is new to both of you like Hamilton.

Spend the day volunteering

Enjoy spending time together by giving back to your community for the day. Choosing to help a cause close to both of you can help bring you closer and appreciate your bond. Whether you choose to help the environment, your community or a certain strata of society, giving up your time together is a worthy and fulfilling experience.

A spot of afternoon tea

Treat yourself to one of the UK’s most tempting meals, the delicious afternoon tea. Choosing a local hotel or restaurant that allows you both to indulge in a decadent tier of tiny sandwiches, perfect cakes and a glass of something bubbly is a great way to remind each other of the special mother and daughter bond.

Vicky from Vicky Flip Flop enjoyed a Fortnum and Mason Afternoon Tea with her Mum which made it feel extra special:

“We shunted the golden staircase and took the lift up to the top floor. We were greeted by the friendly staff who took our coats and bags and invited us to sit on the chaise lounge and wait for our table to be ready. It was one of those situations where you feel like you have to whisper. We kept quiet and just knowingly admired our fellow guests as they arrived – some obviously for a treat, others so distinguished I imagined this was just another day out from their fabulous schedule.”

Shop for something vintage

Online shopping may make life much easier, but it is no replacement for spending a morning around beautiful things. Going vintage shopping is great with your mum as it bring us so many memories and is a lot more sentimental than many of the high street alternatives. Pick out items for each other that have a little bit of history and have been treasured so you and your mum can continue the tradition.

Create something together

Flexing your creative muscles together is a great way to merge your separate talents and skills. This can be as bigger project as you like, knitting squares of a blanket to make together or painting pottery keepsakes for each other. Go to a Painting Pottery Café for an afternoon event. Flying Saucers is great for special occasions and you can book for parties if your friends and their mothers wish to join.

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