Tring's Amazing New Fitness Facilities

We are excited to announce that early in the New Year the upstairs studio will receive a complete new makeover transforming into our new urban gym and dedicated cycle studio. This makeover will include a unique boxing area, prowler track, ropes, boxing bags and air bikes. Our new Urban Gym will offer dedicated sections for high intensity interval training (HIIT), core conditioning and total body workouts with bursts of cardio to deliver amazing metabolic results. Classes will include a signature HIIT bootcamp and boxing inspired class with specialist boxing instructors.

Our new cycle theatre, with professionally engineered audio, video and lighting technology, will provide a superior cycling experience for the beginner and the experienced member. New classes may include Express 30 mins, Reps & Revs (with weights), Ride Intro and Extreme Cycling for those not of the faint hearted!

We are also looking to expand our Mind Body Programme to compliment the HIIT and cycling classes with a new offering of Yoga classes.

Timetable Changes: Please be aware that from Monday 26th November timetable changes will be necessary to allow the refurbishment to take place. Please allow plenty of time to consult with the fitness desk on a daily basis.

To find out more, visit the fitness desk.