Simple neck and shoulder stretches you can do at a desk while working from home

Searching for simple stretches to help tech-neck and sore shoulders? With Coronavirus forcing companies up and down the country to make working from home the new normal, some of us might be surprised to learn that the niggling neck and shoulder pain we put down to weeding the garden or carrying the shopping in, is actually just a result of sitting hunched over our desks for too long. The easiest way to avoid tension in your neck and shoulders whilst working from home is to stretch before, during and after you stop work. Here’s five simple and subtle movements that can be completed in a couple of minutes between meetings without the need for you to leave your seat.


Side bend

Bend your head pointing your left ear to your left shoulder, then your right ear to your right shoulder.


Wing span

Bend your left arm over your left shoulder and right arm up behind your back and try to make your hands meet. Repeat with your right arm over your left shoulder and your left arm behind your back.


Neck rotation

Slowly turn your head to the left, then turn your head to the right.


Shoulder shrug

Raise one shoulder, lower it and raise the other shoulder.


Back and forward bend

Point your chin to your chest and look up to the ceiling.


Drink a large glass of water

Stretching can improve blood flow around the body which can sometimes cause mild headaches if you are not sufficiently hydrated. Keep a glass of water close by.