SU-FIT a visionary fitness programme to build muscle, burn fat, and sculpt the body - to Stay Fitter Longer.

By Wayne Lèal

ANYONE WHO HAS attended a Champneys Wayne Lèal talk will know he has what it takes to get your mind into shape to exercise. He has taught at the world’s top spas and trained elite athletes and captains of industry. In 2017 Champneys introduced his amazing JUMPGA training programme (a component of his SU-FIT Training) and it has become one of their most successful group classes.

He has injured virtually every major joint in his body, rehabilitated, explored, experimented with mindfulness, yoga, martial arts and other exercise disciplines. His forthcoming book; ‘LONE W•O•L•F,’ (above) is about his exploration that has culminated in his acceptance of ‘The transtheoretical model of behaviour change’ (TTM) and it's scientifically proven theories that are incorporated into SU-FIT training. A visionary fitness programme that builds muscle, burns fat and sculpts the body to stay fitter longer to combat age-related changes.