Wayne Leal Jumpga originator



ANYONE WHO HAS attended a Wayne Lèal talk at Champneys will know that he has what it takes to get your mind into shape to exercise. He has taught at the world's top spas and trained top athletes and captains of industry. In 2017 Champneys introduced his amazing JUMPGA training and it has become one of our most successful group classes.

Now we are proud to announce the launch of his series of 2-day SU-FIT retreats: designed for people who are just beginning (or re-starting) a health programme. The name SU-FIT combines two words, SU: a Japanese word meaning simple or unadorned, and FIT: a condition of being physically healthy. Simple, Unadorned, Exercise; for a Body to Live For.

The retreat is all about diet and exercise. You will be fuelled with specially formulated smoothies, to provide all the essential nutrients and vitamins. It is for all levels of fitness; however, it does consist of around 2-3 hours JUMPGA and Kun-Aqua Masterclasses per day. Attendees can lose weight on the retreat and typically experience improved complexion, increased energy, and improved digestion; but without exception, all leave with a renewed feeling of well-being.

Many people want to form the habit of a healthy lifestyle. Out of the 45 percent of people who make healthy New Year's resolutions each year, though, only 8% actually succeed. If anyone can get you on track it will be Wayne, who has recovered from personal injury to every major joint in his body and trains World Champions.