Eco friendly hotels Forest Mere

Champneys Forest Mere has been listed as an eco-friendly resort on HotelsCombined. 

To make Forest Mere more eco-friendly and efficient we have biomass boilers providing all heating and hot water throughout the site. All sites also have voltage optimisers fitted – this reduces the voltage we draw from the grid from around 140 volts to 120 volts, meaning that we power equipment using less electricity and that equipment is placed under less stress. Therefore bulbs etc. last much longer which also reduces environmental impact.

We also have led lights fitted throughout following our recent refurb which are much more longer lasting than traditional bulbs and therefore eco friendly. All bedrooms now have key card slots for powering on lights and electricity so no lights are left on unnecessarily causing wasted electricity.

We are always thinking of new ways to save energy and make our resorts even more eco friendly. Check out Champneys Forest Mere.