At Champneys we perform more facials each year than any other UK spa, so it seems only fitting to unveil our first facial skincare collection.

Handmade in the UK by therapists for therapists, each formula is vegan, cruelty and paraben free, and features the finest handpicked natural ingredients from garden to spa.

Infused with an invigorating blend of zesty bergamot and soothing rose oil, our cleanser, toner and day cream will awaken your senses and kick-start a mindful morning routine. Wake up and breathe in the English countryside as essential oils get to work rebalancing your complexion and relaxing your thoughts.

After dark, unwind with the calming touch of our night cream and overnight face mask. Enveloped with the healing properties of rosemary and lavender, each evening product promotes optimum overnight cell renewal to sweep away the day and help you drift into a peaceful slumber.

The seven piece collection includes a cleanser, toner, day cream, overnight face mask, night cream and eye gel. Prices start from £14.

Available at all Champneys Resort boutiques and City Spas.