Welcome to Springs

Springs is not the most glamorous or grand of resorts; it is purpose-built and small, but I would say our focus is being warm, friendly and approachable to our guests.

Our focus is on complete relax/chill-out and is unpretentious, and we have a lot of guests coming for celebrations.  We provide quality time for mothers and daughters, or husbands and wives having a break from the children, and friends’ reunion.

The warm and friendly service only comes through if we have a friendly approach with our colleagues.  It is definitely a bit of a family affair.

We want to have team members who deliver service from the heart, who care about the standards we deliver and are professional in their delivery.

Our job is to make our guests and members feel good/better about themselves.

It's all about teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.

If you love people, it's a great place to be.