Welcome to Henlow

Henlow is unique in the Champneys group. The repeat business at Henlow is very high as this is the first Spa resort purchased and ran by Mrs Purdew. There is tremendous loyalty amongst the Henlow guests; many have been coming for years, first coming alone, then bringing their daughters and now their granddaughters. Many guests think of Henlow as a place to come home to and the staff as family.

Staff retention rates at Henlow are high with many staff having been in service for decades. This fosters a family atmosphere which guests appreciate and they value the staffs’ approachability and friendship. 

The surrounding water and the weir provides the setting for a relaxing and friendly environment. Guests like the many places to sit and reflect in the quiet and be cosseted by staff. 

The staff ethos at Champneys Henlow is relaxed and informal whilst remaining professional. Guests like the staff to take an interest in their stay and engage in conversation. This cultivates the friendly, relaxed atmosphere guests at Henlow have come to expect. 

The staff at Henlow have a special closeness and there is a lot of interaction and support between teams. All teams are involved in welcoming the guest and the guest tours which nurtures the guest’s family experience when they see them elsewhere in the resort. 

If you want to be part of this close knit team and have a passion for customer service coupled with professionalism, apply now.