Welcome to Forest Mere

Forest Mere is set in beautiful grounds with a backdrop of Mere Lake. It was the setting for the Champneys advertisement which sums up the ‘do and relax’ atmosphere at the resort. 

This picturesque setting Influences the environment; as people and staff drive up to the resort it plays a part in setting the mood for the friendly and relaxing greeting that is given to all guests, including A list celebrities, sports personalities, soap stars and the general public.  

Staff are expected to find the balance between treating VIP guests and regular guests, whilst maintaining a professional and personable attitude and being friendly and full of personality.

It is important that staff genuinely have the guest’s interest at heart, a good memory for returning clientele and offer a personalised service. When guests see familiar faces in multiple areas, it fosters a sense of family and makes their stay more enjoyable.

There is a high retention of staff with some having been there for decades. They are very supportive of one another, working to a common goal, adopting a ‘we are all in it together’ attitude, and team spirit. 
All departments are supportive and work together with a common goal creating a synergy and continuity that offers familiarity, especially for guests on their first visit. 

Forest Mere is looking for staff who are team players, eager to learn and be taught, who are self-sufficient with excellent customer service and the ability to anticipate guests’ needs. They must pay attention to detail, be presentable and maintain professionalism whilst being friendly.