Champneys City Spas

Working in a Day Spa is very different to a Resort Spa. They are located in town centres, amid premier branded shops. All the Day Spas combine a high street salon with a retail shop, selling Champneys products as well as other retail brands such as Aromatherapy Associates, Elemis, Decleor, Jessica, Katie Lockson plus more.

The clientele are local and take their skin care and body and hand care very seriously. They have regular treatments and are very loyal to the Champneys brand.

The Day Spa is looking for people with at least 1 years’ experience, although there is the possibility to build up experience on a part time basis. Staff need to be outgoing, friendly and bubbly, able to build client rapport developing their own regular client base and promote the return treatment loyalty card.
Expectations of employees are high and it is expected that they will have the same standards of appearance and professionalism as the Spa Resorts. 

Therapists receive competitive commission on both treatments and retail products.  This is target focused with double commission if targets are reached. 

The teams at the Day Spas are very close partly due to the team incentives; monthly socialising rewards are given to the Day Spa team of the month, which creates team bonding. 

The Day Spas foster close team relationships, partly due to team incentives as well as individual incentives – employees are encouraged to bond through team incentives with one team a month winning an outing such a meal, activities like bowling, or a visit to a theme park. 

Staff loyalty is very high.  With flexible working hours keeping Staff retention high, many staff return part time after maternity leave.

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