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Top tips for the perfect Galentine’s day

Friends giving gifts Friends giving gifts

As the new year passes by and Christmas is over, talk tends to turn to the next celebration of the year, Valentine’s Day! A day for couples to show their affection to one another by exchanging gifts or planning a special day together, but, who says the spotlight has to be on couples alone? Galentine’s Day has taken the world by storm and girlfriends across the globe are taking the opportunity to show their female compatriots just how much they mean to them.

From enjoying a girly day together to planning a ‘no boys allowed’ party, we give you our top tips for creating the perfect girly day this February.

Theme the day

It probably goes without saying that you and your besties will all have plenty in common, so take advantage of that and theme your celebrations accordingly. Pick a theme that you wouldn’t normally choose, set your girlies a challenge and get creative, it’ll probably create laughs and lasting memories that you’ll be able to reminisce about for years to come.

Whether you are having the celebrations at home or you are heading out for the day, once you have picked your theme, run with it! If you are planning a party or gathering at home, decorating a number of rooms is a must. Balloons, garlands, confetti and pink prosecco will instantly transform a space into a girly boudoir, the perfect setting for an at-home gathering.

If you are thinking of taking the celebrations elsewhere, fancy dress is the best way to theme the day. Characters from your favourite film, TV show or sports icon, or even dressing as each other are all popular choices.

Girlfriends having pizza party Girlfriends having pizza party

Perfect Galentine’s themes:

- Pyjama party: What could be better than spending the day with your besties in your cosy pyjamas? Enjoy a day or evening on the sofa with all your favourite movies, popcorn and a bottle of prosecco!

- Gold: Chic, sophisticated and easy to accomplish. Gold outfits, gold shimmery drinks and decorations all to match, you’re not going to get more elegant.

- Pamper: What’s a Galentine’s celebration without a pamper session? Enjoy an evening of face masks, manicures and pedicures or enjoy something a little more indulgent like a spa day at Champneys.

- Pizza party: A theme that is easy to replicate in or out of the home. Order in your favourite pizzas and enjoy them in the company of your besties or head out to your favourite Italian for the ultimate indulgent experience.

We spoke to Kathleen who blogs at Made in the 1990’s, she told us a little about why she loves celebrating Galentine’s: “We live in a world where we are praised for being workaholics, and so we are all at least a little bit guilty of not prioritising slotting time with our friends into our calendars.

“So, whatever your relationship status, and whether you believe in the controversial Valentine’s Day or not, Galentine’s is a prime opportunity for us girls to embrace the women in our lives with open arms, and truly show them how much their friendship means. It might be that you get together and pick some quirky games or hilarious activities to get stuck into, and have a good old laugh and reminisce with the girls. Or maybe your group would rather some quality time to totally chill out and practice a bit of self-care in the company of your nearest and dearest, face masks and all. Whatever it is that suits your girl-group, make it happen. Galentine’s is good for the soul.”

Pick a great location

Girls enjoying a meal Girls enjoying a meal

Once you have picked your theme, it’s time to decide what sort of location you would like to enjoy it in. One of the easiest options is to enjoy the celebrations in the comfort of your home, but some groups might wish to head out to a venue or a favourite group spot in town.

It’s important to think carefully about what location you are going to choose and get yourselves booked in as many other groups may have the same idea as you, it is also worth considering if they will be able to fit a large group in and having a backup location if they can’t.

If you are planning to enjoy some food whilst you’re celebrating, it can be nice to pick a location that has a tailored Galentine’s or Valentine’s menu to make the event feel even more special. If you’re planning to enjoy the day or evening at home, heart-shaped foods like homemade pizzas, cookies and chocolates are a lovely touch.

Galentine’s location ideas:

- Your favourite restaurant: Although quite a popular choice for a Valentine’s or Galentine’s get-together, going for a meal is the perfect environment for a good catch up and a chit chat. Enjoy all your favourite food and giggle over a couple of cocktails, what could be better?

- At a spa hotel: A spa break is the ultimate way to relax and is an activity that many people don’t enjoy often enough. Indulge in massage sessions, take a dip in the pool or enjoy a soak in the Jacuzzi, there is no better way to enjoy a special day with your girls.

- At home: If you’re planning to celebrate with a larger group, why not plan a party at home? An at-home celebration requires no prior planning and means you can enjoy the day in the comfort of your home and your cosy pyjamas. Enjoy your favourite films, order a pizza and chat the night away, you could even turn it into a sleepover.

- At a wine tasting experience: Book a wine tasting course and head out to a vineyard for a day of learning and drinking. Enjoy some of your favourite tipples with a delicious three-course meal or afternoon tea.

- At a karaoke bar: Warm your vocal cords for an afternoon or evening singing your favourite songs. Book a karaoke booth and gather the girls for a party filled with music and laughter.

Plan some activities or games

No matter what location you choose, planning some activities and games will ensure the night is filled with fun and laughter and no unnecessary awkward silences.

Make sure there is a pack of cards with you no matter where you are, there is always time for a fast-paced card game to get the whole group involved, the same goes for a party game like Heads Up or ‘who am I?’ which are both great over some cocktails or gathered on the sofa.

Another great activity that won’t take much planning is a great quiz. Test your friendship knowledge with a friendship quiz. Each person takes it in turns to answer a question about your fellow friends to see who really knows each other best.

Cake decorating or biscuit icing is a great option for those who want a chilled and calm evening. Decorate heart-shaped biscuits or bake your favourite cakes before enjoying them all or taking them home to enjoy later.

Friends sat on the sofa opening presents Friends sat on the sofa opening presents

Show them you care

Although Galentine’s is about having the best time with your best friends, it is also equally important to show them how much you care and how thankful you are to have them in your life, so planning a few surprises or gifts along the way can be a lovely touch.

Gift-giving is a great way to show them that you’re truly thankful to have them in your life, thoughtful or silly, the sentiment behind exchanging gifts is a lovely one. Choose something you know means a lot to them, a photo of your friendship group together or just a lovely bunch of flowers, it’s the thought that truly counts. If there are just a few of you celebrating, why not make the whole occasion a surprise? Get everything planned beforehand and surprise them with an evening dedicated to your special friendship.

If you are having your celebrations at home and you are the host, why not make some invitations, sweet boxes for the party to take home or some fun goody bags full of all your favourite sweets and treats?

Galentine’s gift ideas:

- Jewellery: Jewellery is a lovely gift idea and a safe option for that hard to buy for friend. Matching jewellery, personalised jewellery or an item with their birthstone in are all top choices for the bestie in your life.

- An experience: Instead of buying them a present, why not enjoy an experience together? Making memories together is one of the best presents you can give. Try cinema tickets, a cute class or even just a dinner voucher.

- A photo: Create a photo album or frame one of your favourite photos together, this way your besties will always have you by their side.

- A spa weekend: Book them the ultimate pamper weekend at Champneys and enjoy a meeting of ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. We have a selection of great spa deals for two perfect for a girly weekend away.

No matter what you have planned this Valentine’s or Galentine’s, spending time with your loved ones is what matters the most. Share love and unforgettable memories this February.

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